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Divine Punishment: Gold-Grade Weapon In The First Descendant

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  • Divine Punishment is the assault rifle originally belonging to the Vulgus Order of Truth in The First Descendant.
  • The ultimate weapons mostly used to help allies, with Prayer, Praise, and Glory as its special abilities.
  • To build this Rifle, players must have several materials such as Polymer Synctium, Synthetic Fiber, Nano Tube, and Blueprint.

The First Descendant is a free-to-play co-op game set in a human-settled continent named Ingris.

This third-person cooperative action shooter game features several playable characters with ultimate weapons.

Divine Punishment, Clairvoyance, and Blue Beetle are some of the ultimate weapons that players can build in The First Descendant.

Collect The Materials And Craft The Ultimate Weapon: Divine Punishment

Divine Punishment is a gold-grade weapon that offers three special abilities that can be used during battles to maximize your effectiveness;

  • Prayer: This ability will help you to buff allies, excluding yourself, and grant the unique effect of meditation to you.
  • Praise: Helps recover an ally’s HP, Shield, and custom Resources, excluding yourself, and grants the unique effect of praise to yourself.
  • Glory: Once you inflict a debuff on an enemy, you will be granted the unique ability of Glory to yourself.
weapon abilities in the first descendant
Use different weapon abilities during the battle for a glorious victory. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players will not get this weapon directly from the Vendor. Thus, they have to build up this weapon by completing a quest.

Divine Punishment Research Request

Divine Punishment Research Request is one of the sub-quests of The First Descendant, which will help players get the ultimate weapon.

Players must search several materials in this quest and meet Anais, the Descendant Instructor for the research.

To start this quest, you can navigate to the weapon section of the Menu and select the Divine Punishment.

Divine punishment in looter shooter game
Select Divine Punishment and start crafting. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you choose a weapon, you will see information about it and the material you must collect to build it.

To conduct the research, you must have 100,000 Gold and Rank 10. Players will get four hours to complete the research.

Players must collect four materials to finish the research on Divine Punishment, which are found in the different regions of the map.

Divine Punishment Synthetic Fiber

Synthetic Fiber is one of the major materials that you must collect to build this ultimate weapon in The First Descendant.

Players can get this material from the Intercept battle by running the Stunning Beauty mission from the Ablion of The First Descendant.

Acquisition info in third person  shooter game
Check out the Acquisition Info to find the locations. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

However, players must have Amorphous Materials Pattern:010 to get Divine Punishment Synthetic Fiber.

If you don’t have this key, you can receive it by running the Unknown Laboratory mission in the Sterile Land.

material pattern 010
Obtain the pattern to get the materials. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you have the Key, run the mission and defeat the Stunning Beauty. It will drop a chest, unlock it with your Key, and receive Synthetic Fiber.

The chances of getting this material from this mission are only 39 %. So, players may need to perform this several times to get the materials.

Divine Punishment Nano Tube

Similar to Synthetic Fiber, players can get Nano Tube from the intercept battle by defeating the Dead Bride.

Once you defeat the Dead Bride, it will drop a similar chest that must be unlocked with the Amorphous Materials Pattern: 022.

Players can find this Key from the Seed Vault mission of the Echo Swamp. After you find the Key, participate in Intercept Battle with Dead Bride.

Chest in the first descendant
Use the Key to unlock the chest. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Unlike Fiber, Nano Tube only has a 15% drop rate. Thus, players might not get this material in the first battle.

Divine Punishment Blueprint

The Divine Punishment Blueprint is also one of the major materials that players will need to craft this legendary weapon.

Players need to do the Void Fusion Reactor mission to get this Blueprint. Like other missions, this will also need the Key: Amorphous Materials Pattern:014.

You can get the Key by completing the Zone Recon mission, Lost Supply Depot: Vulgus Strategic Outpost.

Canisters in The First Descendant
Destroy all Canisters and move forward. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

To start this mission, you must go to Vespers Vulgus Strategic Outpost and destroy the three Canisters along with the boss.

There is only a 20% chance of getting the Key in this mission, and you can perform it every 5 minutes. Thus, it might take you time and energy.

Once you get the Key, run the Void Fusion Reactor: Vespers Lost Supply Depot mission.

Void fusion reactor
Start the Void Fusion Reactor and destroy the fragments. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

In this mission, you must start the Void Fusion Reactor machine and destroy the Void Fragments from the area.

While running the mission, you will encounter the Commandor protecting the machine. Thus, you must defeat him and destroy the fragments.

Chest in the first descendant
Use the Key and unlock the chest to receive the material. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After killing the boss, you will find the chest. Unlock it using the Key and get the Blueprint materials.

There is only a 15 % chance of getting this Blueprint, so you may need to repeat this mission repeatedly.

Divine Punishment Polymer Synctium

Polymer Synctium is also one of the materials that you need to craft the weapon.

These materials are easy to obtain. You don’t have to find a boss or obtain the Key to obtain them.

Anais the NPC in the first descendant
Conduct the research with Anais. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Polymer Synctium is generally found in the Sterile Land Normal area, specifically by breaking Vulgus Supplies in the External Reactor.

Once you have all four materials, you can conduct the research with Anais, the Descendant Instructor, and craft the Divine Punishment Assult Rifle.

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