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Dragons Dogma 2 Character Creation: Unique Human And Beastren Race Options

Capcom's Dragons Dogma 2 offers a wide range of customization options for Character Creation, but there's a catch.



  • Character’s Height, Weight, and size impact the sprint rate, acceleration, stamina regen, and carry size.
  • Create an ideal look for not just their main characters but Pawn(Companion) as well.
  • Total of four races to choose from: Masculine Human, Feminine Human, Masculine Beastren, and Feminine Beastren.

Dragon’s Dogma 2, unlike its predecessor offers unique character creation; however, it contains a few previous aspects, including height and weight.

While creating the Primary character, Arisen, or Main Pawn, you can work on every tiny detail, from pattern color presets to body posture.

After creating the desired look, you can start your journey in the underground Gaol by wielding the Godsbane Blade.

However, unlike the significant locations and Questlines, combat utilities and progression might be hampered, so players should choose and create their Arisen wisely.

Dragons Dogma 2: Height And Weight Impact On Character Creation

Usually, the character’s essential traits, such as height and weight, do not impact the gameplay of Action RPGs.

However, in Dragon’s Dogma 2, Height, Weight, Arm, and Leg Size significantly impact character.

Characters with smaller heights will have fewer hitbox chances, whereas those with a towering length will have the speed advantage.

Height, light, and heavy weights have pros and cons, from stamina recovery to maximum statistics.

The lightweight characters will get a faster Stamina Regen to flee away from battles and relocate quickly.

However, it comes with a cost, as heavy-weight characters can maximize their basic stats and even carry more weight, unlike the lean ones.

Jumping over to Arm and Leg length, characters with longer arms can quickly grab the loot and utilities.

Moreover, the Arisen, with its long legs, makes a fast run but struggles to regenerate stamina if its weight is too high.

Hence, you must know the playstyle, create a character that complements your strengths, and improve your weaknesses accordingly.

If you struggle to give your character the best look, it is not the end of the world; you can experiment and create up to five characters via Capcom from the Official Site.

Changes To Character Creation In Dragons Dogma 2

If you have played Dragon’s Dogma, you will instantly notice several changes to its successor right at the start.

Switching to a sole character will now give you a vast number of visual options to elect race, gender, class, and other features.

Moreover, the most notable changes are the New Beastren Race and customizable Pawn Options.

Further, you can change the traits and how they influence and interact with Pawn, the companion, right from the Rift.

The Beasten Race, preferably called Battahl’s introduction, may impact the role of Pawn due to its negative influence.

Character Creation In Dragon’s Dogma 2: Race And Class

Getting Started with character creation can be tricky if you are unaware of how the essential traits influence the character’s role.

Nonetheless, here are a few measures you can follow while creating a new character instead of presets to begin your journey in Dragon’s Dogma 2;


Dragon’s Dogma 2 consists of three races, Elves, Humans, and Beastren; however, Elves are unplayable.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Beastren and Human Race
You can select one race between the Human and Beastren races.

Beastren, being the new, can be a favorite of many due to its fierce look.

However, the Human race is still a viable option to keep your character simple.

No matter what race you select, you must decide to select the gender as well.

The playable classes have two options: Masculine and Feminine for Humans and Beastren, respectively.


Inside the Masculine Humans Body options, you can customize your body, head, upper body, lower body, and posture.

The body’s muscle style is set to default, but you can still change height, torso length, muscle strength, trape size, muscle mass, and body size.

Moreover, in Head, you can customize features, including head size, head length, neck length, neck thickness, and so on.

character creation dragons dogma facial hair
Tap the Body Hair option to make changes to facial hair.

The Masculine race character creation option also includes Facial Hair and body hair but for Humans only.

You can select color, style, and density for body hair, whereas you can select tip, length, and sheen for Facial Hair.

Even though there are many similarities between Beastren and the Human race, there are still differences in some options.

The Beastren has no option for eyebrows, skin, eye shadow, freckles, and lips.

On the other hand, the Human Rare lacks fur, nose color, claw, and face options.

Besides the usual customizable options, such as ears, mouth, and weight, you can add something new to the character, namely tattoos and markings.

If you are considering a Tattoo or Scar, you have preset and Body tattoo/scar options such as color, style, tiling, opacity, intensity, and position.

Select the Tattoo/Markings option and customize the Tattoo.


You have four classes to choose from: Fighter, Archer, Mage, and Thief.

class vocation
The vocation is changeable when you progress through.

The fighter class is highly versatile. It can inflict significant damage via Sword and Shield at close range, specializing in counterattacks.

If you are someone who ikes to play passively and attack from a distance, Archer is a great choice.

The Archer class can deploy hits to weak points and force an attack from its arrow and bows.

Jumping to Mage, the Slave Caster uses its magic and enhancements to use the Spell.

The last class is Thief, known for speed, agility, and movements.

The class can be a headache, considering it specializes in dagger attacks and can easily break enemy defense.

After Selecting the Vocation, the final objective to conclude the character creation journey is by selecting the Inclination voice.

Character Creator Dragon's Dogma 2
Choose the Inclination and Voice that matches the character.

You have multiple voice options, so be sure to select one that matches the character’s personality.

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