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Obtain 5 Legendary Starr Drops From Brawl Stars Community Event

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  • Brawl Stars have recently launched its community event, ThumbsUpForBrawl, which rewards 5 legendary Starr drops.
  • You can obtain the drop once Brawl Stars’s milestone reaches 10 Billion Thumbs Up.
  • You must reach 50 Trophies to unlock the standard Legendary Starr drop and 400 Trophies to earn rewards from this event.

Brawl Stars is a 2018 multiplayer online battle arena video game developed by Finnish video game company Supercell.

It occasionally offers different events to the players for community engagement and a better gaming experience.

ThumbsUpForBrawl is a newly launched event that aims to remove toxicity and spread positivity, offering 5 Legendary Starr drops.

Brawl Stars Community Event ” Thumbs Up For Brawl” To Obtain 5 Legendary Starr Drops

Legendary Starr Drop in Brawl Stars are exciting rewards that can contain valuable items, like coins and powerpoints.

The chances of obtaining Legendary Starr Drop in Brawl Stars are quite low, with only a 2% probability.

Legendary Starr Drop in Brawl Stars
Participate in the event to earn the Legendary Starr Drop. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Following its great value, game developers have brought up exciting news for the player regarding this Starr Drop.

The recent community event, ThumbsUpForBrawl, rewards players with 5 Legendary Starr Drops.

Use Thumbs Up Pin To Get 5 Legendary Drops

To start your journey to obtain 5 Legendary Drops, first, you must participate in the Brawl Stars community event.

For this event, you only need to use the Thumbs Up pin as much as possible and increase your reach in the Milestone.

At the starting date of the event, players will receive Double Daily Starr Drops; progressing through the event will increase the reward position.

The main motive of this event is to delete toxicity and spread positivity through Thumbs Ups.

Players can only get Legendary Starr drop when they reach 500 Million Thumbs Up in the event.

The Thumbs Up reach has already crossed 9 Billion in the community event of the Brawl Stars.

However, the event’s deadline ends now; the developers have announced that the time of the event has been extended to 23:58 UTC.

Following that, there is still a chance of reaching the 10 Billion Thumbs Up and getting the 5 Legendary Drops.

Unfortunately, if the event does not reach its final target, there is still the chance of winning One Milion Gems, as the developers have also brought the Giveaway.

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