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“Scaduview Cross” Site Of Grace In Elden Ring: Shadow Of The Erdtree

A Journey of Ladders and Elevators!


  • Scaduview Cross is one of Miquella Crosses added to the Elden Ring DLC, which is accessible via O Mother Gesture.
  • These crosses are scattered around the different regions of the Elden Ring DLC map, denoting the site of Grace and the NPCs’ main location.
  • To collect this Scaduview Cross, players must discover the Scaduview region from the Shadow Keep and reach the Site of Grace.

Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, features different new NPCs, scaling mechanics, and fragments.

Miquella is an NPC from the original Elden Ring, which takes center stage in the DLC.

Additionally, Miquella crosses, including Pillar Path Cross and Scaduview Cross, are some of the expansion’s essential landmarks.

Reach Scaduview Cross Site Of Grace From The Shadow Keep

Miquella Crooses is the special location that explains the demigod’s journey in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree.

These crosses may not directly affect game progress, but they are critical as they often lead to Sites of Grace, NPCs, and Scadutree Fragments nearby.

map in elden ring
Explore the Elden Ring DLC map to start your journey. (Source; Screen Plays Mag)

Players can find several Miquella Crosses throughout the different regions of the game. Each cross is located near the Site of Grace.

Moreover, only once you find the cross will you discover the lost grace in the game.

Scadaview Cross Site of Grace is one of the Miqulla crosses that you can find in the game, and it needs to be discovered from the Scaduview region.

How To Reach Scaduview Cross Site Of Grace?

To get the cross, you must head towards the Scaduview region, located north of Scadu Altu.

For this, players can start their journey from Shadow Keep and search for the Storehouse, Back Section.

Just on the left side of the Storehouse Back section, you will see the ladder; use it and climb up.

ladder in elden ring
Clim the ladder to progress. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After climbing up the ladder, you will see stairs at the side. Use the stairs leading you to the Storehouse Loft site of Grace.

You will see the wooden Elevator around the area you are in. Get into the Elevator, and it will lead you to the top base.

elevator in elden ring DLC
Use the wooden Elevator to reach the top. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you are on the top, you must search for the way out, where you will get the final Elevator leading you to your destination.

scaduview cross site of grace
Stand on the circular Elevator to get into the Scaduview. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The final Elevator you should use is on the ground; it will lead you towards the Statue of Mother, where you need to use gestures.

Once you use the O Mother Gesture, the statue will side and reveal the secret path for you. Go through the path, and you will find yourself in Scaduview.

After you get into the Scaduview region, you must head towards the ground level and unseal the Sealed Spiritspring.

Scaduview in elden ring.
Move towards the Site of grace to get the cross. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you unlock the Spirit spring, you must jump high up to the clifftop. For this, you can use Torrent.

Furthermore, once you plan on the highest point of Scaduview, you will find the Scaduview Cross and Site of Grace.

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