Finding Sphinx Parent Pawn: Riddle Of Wisdom In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Test your Knowledge and impress Sphinx.

Sphinx parent dragons dogma 2
Sphinx offers multiple riddles and rewards.


  • Start Sphinx riddle after approaching Sphinx in the Mountain Shrine North of Vermund.
  • Solve Sphinx Parent riddle after completing Riddle of Eyes and Riddle Of Madness.
  • Obtain Rift Crystals to hire a new Pawn from the Riftstone of Fellowship.

Sphinx Parent features during a riddle in the Game of the Wits quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Sphinx, the mysterious creature, offers 10 tricky riddles and rewards if you can crack your brain.

Completing all the riddles will provide a handful of items, including Ferrystone, Portcrystal, Gold, and Ring of Ambition.

Sphinx Location To Start Riddle In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Sphinx Resides at the Mountain Shrine in the north part of Vermund, the Kingdom of Humanity.

The easiest west to reach the Shrine is starting at Checkpoint Rest Town, but first, you must get Oxcart.

Further, you should start your journey from Rest Town, follow the main road, and head towards the north.

If you are at an early stage, you might struggle to overcome the enemies; otherwise, they might not be an issue.

Following the path will lead you to Ancient Battleground; ensure to head straight until you find a huge cave across the cliff.

Ancient battlegpund cave dragon's dogma 2
Enter the Cave in the Ancient Battleground. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You should utilize the ladder in the closed area, and make your way toward the north again until a cave appears.

Cave Dragon's Dogma 2
Enter the Cave in the Closed area. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Ensure you follow The Cave, Worldsend cavern’s end, you will reach Ancient Ruins and eventually Mountain Shrine.

The shrine indicates that you are closer to the Sphinx, but you must follow the stairs to the top.

Obtaining Sphinx Parent Riddle In Dragon’s Dogma 2

As soon as you approach Sprinx, the game of the Wits will begin offering the first riddle, Riddle of Eyes.

To complete the first riddle, you just need to enter the giant cave across the final stairs, which leads to the Sphinx, and search for the treasure box that contains the Sealing Phial.

Bringing the Sealing Phial back to Sphinx will give you a Walkstone and unlock the second Riddle: The Riddle Of Madness.

In the second riddle, you must present Sphinx, your main Pawn, which will eventually lead you to the Sphinx Parent riddle, the Roddle of Wisdom in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Bring Sphinx Parent Pawn In Riddle Of Wisdom

Sphinx asks you to bring a Father, Mother, or Parent in Riddle Of Wisdom, which requires access to the Rift of Fellowship first.

Riftstone of fellowship
Follow the red icon on the map to find Riftstone. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You can interact with any of the Riftstones and examine the list of Pawns.

Even though the Pawn lists contain Sphinx Mother and Sphinx Father, you should avoid them when specifically searching for Sphinx Parent.

Pawns in the rift
Search for Sphinx Parent on Pawns in the Rift. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Adding a marker to the specific pawn will display a checkmark over them, which makes players easy to find and approach.

Unfortunately, you must leave one of your Pawns stranded before hiring a new one.

After getting yourselves a new companion: Sphinx Parent, you can take the long journey to the Shrine or teleport back using Ferrystone and finally hand over the Pawn.

Completing the Sphinx Parent Riddle will grant you 1200 RC and another Riddle, i.e, Riddle Of Conviction


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