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Use Hole Laden Necklace To Ring The Bell In Ymir Quest Of Elden Ring DLC

Listen to Ymir and move forward!


  • Hole Laden Necklace is a brand new key item added in Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree.
  • Players can get this Necklace by interacting with the game NPC Count Ymir in the Cathedral of Manus Metyr.
  • Hole Laden Necklace activates Finger Runis by ringing the bell, which is a part of the Ymir questline.

“Shadow of the Erdtree” is the latest expansion of Elden Ring, taking players to the game’s shadowy Realm.

With this new expansion, players can find various new weapons, items, bosses, and quests to enjoy the gameplay.

Hole Laden Necklace and Imbued Sword Keys are some of the new items added in this DLC that play a vital role in the game’s progress.

Ring The Ruins Bells Using The Hole Laden Necklace In “Shadow Of The Erdtree

Hole Laden Necklace is one of the important key items in the Elden Ring DLC, Shadow of the Erdtree, used in the Count Ymir Quest.

Count Ymir is one of the NPCs in this action RPG that players will encounter in the Cathedral of East Scadu Altus.

Moreover, players must interact with the Ymir to get the Necklace and progress in their mission.

This Necklace unlocks the secret of three different Finger ruins of the Ymir questline.

Finger Runis Of Riha

Once you obtain the Hole Laden Necklace from the Ymir, you must use it in several areas to uncover the mystery.

Finger Ruins Of Riha is the first location you must travel to by following the Map provided by the Ymir at the quest’s beginning.

Finger ruins of riha in Elden ring
Travel to the ruins to ring the Bell. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You need to travel to the Finger Ruins of Rhia Site of Grace and make your way down towards the Bell location.

Additionally, within the area, you will encounter Fingercreepers and Lamprey. Thus, you must be careful and well-prepared for the fight.

Once you reach the Bell location, use the Hole Laden Key to interact with it. By doing this, you will complete your task at the Ruins and receive Crimson Seed Talisman +1.

Finger Runis Of Dheo

After ringing the Bell at the Finger Ruins of Rhia, you must head to the Finger Ruins of Dheo to ring the second Bell.

Before making your journey to the Ruins of Dheo, you must again interact with Count Ymir and get his second Map to progress.

hole laden necklace to ring the bell
Use Hole Laden’s Necklace to ring the Bell. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Follow Ymir’s map guide and head towards the second bell location at Dheo. Before this, you must complete the O Mother Gesture activity of the Ymir quest.

At the end of the ruins, you will find the Bell; ring it using the Hole Laden Necklace and receive Cerulean Seed Talisman +1 to finish your task.

Finger Runis Of Miyr

Finger Runis Of Miyr is the last location where you will find the last Bell that you need to ring using the Necklace.

To get into the bell location, first, you need to head towards the Cathedral of Manus Metyr Site of Grace.

Once you reach the Site of Grace, you will see the throne chair there, examine it, and interact with the throne to reveal the secret door.

throne in elden ring
Interact with the throne to reveal the secret door. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After you interact with the throne, it slides backward and reveals the passway with a rope ladder that leads to your mission.

Additionally, you will encounter Swordhand of Night Anna on your way to the Bell, so you must defeat her and move towards the Bell location.

Once you reach the third Bell location, interact with it using the Necklace. By doing this, the use of Hole Laden’s Necklace in Ymir’s quest is completed.

Furthermore, after ringing the third Bell, you will be teleported to the Metyr, Mother of Fingers arena, to progress in the Ymir mission.

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