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Activate Thunder Cage Mounting In The First Descendant

A minor buff for battle!


  • Mounting in the Thunder Cage activates once you carry it as a primary weapon in The First Descendant.
  • If the Thunder Cage Mounting is not activated, try reslotting the weapon in the inventory section.
  • You can upgrade the SMG using the Workbench and Phase Exchanger in the Albion.

The First Descendant offers quite a variety of weapons, including SMGs, Machine guns, Scout Rifles, Bean, Rifles, and Launchers.

Thunder Cage is one of the 21 ultimate weapons, which can be easily unlocked in the early game.

You can unlock and upgrade any weapons by visiting Magisters Anais and mounting them according to your preference.

Thunder Cage Mounting Buff In The First Descendant

Mounting is an active condition when any weapon is equipped in one of the three slots and carried by players, which is a buff effect.

The optimization condition won’t apply when you use the SMG as a secondary weapon, no matter the slot you equip it with.

This condition applies not just to SMGs or Thunder Cage but to all guns with similar effects.

Moreover, even if you have the weapon as a Primary weapon, you may experience a bug where Thunder Cage Mount is not activated in the Reactor Section.

Re-equip The Thunder Cage

The bug was also present in the Beta Phase; with the full game release, Nexon Games Co., Ltd has yet to address the issue.

thunder cage mounting
Thunder Cage Mounting is displayed as unmarked. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You can overcome the bug by swapping the Thunder Cage with another weapon and reequipping the SMG in the inventory.

Upgrade The Weapon

Apart from the normal buffs, you can level up the weapons as well by meeting Magisters Anais in the Albion.

The weapon you get initially offers little to no use, especially in Void Intercept Battles or overall progression.

However, weapon upgrades can increase factors such as fire rate, firearm attack, magazine, and DPS, directly impacting the Mastery Level.

When you are at the Research Station, you need to search for a Workbench (you can use other outpost workbenches as well) just across the Anais Location, but you will need Phase Exchangers.

albion research center the first descendant
Head to the research station. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You can get Phase Exchangers with currency and crafting materials via Anais; however, you will need to get an ultimate one for Thunder Cage.

Once you are at the Workbench, you should use the “Weapon Level Transmission” to upgrade the Weapon.

workbench the first descendant
Tab Weapon Level Transmission. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You should select the Thunder Cage weapon next and find the highest-level weapon in the inventory to use as crafting material for the upgrade.

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