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“Monad Shards” In The First Descendant For Crafting Materials

Up there with the most powerful resources in the game.


  • Monad Shards are the materials that are used to build different parts of the characters in The First Descendant.
  • This collectible material can be found around the Kingston, the east side of Albion on the map.
  • After collecting Monad Shards, players must combine them with other items like Semiconstant Plasma and Monite Stone.

The First Descendant is the latest looter-shooter action game that made its full release on July 2, 2024.

This free-to-play game features 14 standard playable and 5 Ultimate characters players can build.

Moreover, to craft these characters, players must collect various materials found in different areas, such as Monad Shards and Amorphous Material Patterns.

Useful Material “Monad Shards” In The First Descendant

Monad Shards are collectible materials that can be used to build the parts of the character by combining them with other items in The First Descendant.

These items are generally needed when you are trying to craft a new character in early to end-game.

Apart from the Blair, players may need Monad Shards to craft every other descendant in The First Descendant.

Monad first descendant
Build your character in The First Descendant. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moreover, to craft a character in The First Descendant, players need to collect their four parts, which are;

  • Enhanced cell
  • Stabilizer
  • Spiral Catalyst
  • Code

Moreover, players must collect several materials for each part from different locations on the map to craft all these parts.

For example, to craft the Stabilizer for Valby, players must collect 246 Monad Shards, 239 Compound Coating Materials, 40 Murky Energy Residue, and Valby Stabilizer Blueprint.

Valby in The First Descendant
Choose a character you want to build. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

These items are scattered around the map’s different locations; players can check the Acquisition Info box to find out the exact location of the material.

Monad Shards Location In The First Descendant

Monad Shards are also key items like blueprints and compound coating material for build and progression.

Moreover, these items are exclusively found in the Kingston area of the map, located downwards to the Sterile Land.

Kingston in The First Descendant
Hunt down the Kingston area to get the Monad Shards. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Monad Shards are mainly scattered around Kingston, so players should watch out for them at every step.

Kingston Resource Crates are also the major area where players can find most of the Monad Shards.

materials in looter-shooter game
Click on any material to get the Acquititation Info. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you collect enough Monad Shards, you can use them to build parts of the characters, including Stabilizer and Spiral Catalyst.

However, you must visit Magisters Anais at Albion, launch the Descendant tab, and use the crafting materials.

In addition to the materials, you should also invest in research costs, which are usually above 400000, and wait for the research to be completed.

You can also use one Boost Search currency to obtain the characters instantly for characters that require high research time.

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