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Brawl Stars Season 28: Gods Vs. Monsters Balance Changes And New Meta

A must-needed change!


  • Players can unlock Medusa Emz skins in the Brawl Stars season 28: Gods vs. Monsters.
  • Frank, Meg, and Lily are the meta Brawlers, with Doug, Janet, Darryl, and Hank being the worst ones to pick.
  • The ranked season will not feature any modifiers, and Berry will also be available on Starr Road.

Brawl Stars Season 28: Gods vs Monsters will go live on July 4. The main highlights will be the new Brawlers: Berry and Clancy, which were also already available for pre-purchase.

Supercell has also opted for over 20 balance changes, added new Hyperskins, and seven Hyper abilities.

The update will also bring back fan-favorite Mega Boxes for exclusive character-building rewards.

Brawl Stars Season 28 Changes And Tier-list

Brawl Stars: Gods vs. Monsters will feature exclusive Medusa Emz skin, Ruby Medusa Emz, Sapphire Medusa Emz, and various titles from the Battle Pass.

In the new season, players won’t be able to use modifiers in ranked mode, which can be a huge turn-off.

Moreover, Berry, the newest brawler who was first introduced in the shop on June 27, will be available on Starr Roads.

BERRY brawl stars
Unlock Berry From Starr Roads. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players will require 925 Credits and an Initial Gem Cost of 169 to unlock the Brawler on Starr Roads.

Furthermore, players can also get a chance to get Harpy Melodie skin from the Ranked Starr Drops after the latest update.

Players can also obtain new hypercharges for Barley, Frank, Angelo, Piper, Emz, Rico, and Gale.

As the Mega Boxes are coming back, you can collect ten of them for exclusive Sovereign Rico Hypercharge Skin.

The Season will also introduce several character buffs and nerfs for balance changes and tweak Brawler’s damage output.

LilyDamage decreased to 1000
Increased Ammo Slot
JanetDamage increased to 2000
BrockIncreased Damage Range
Rocket Damage Upgraded to 750
MaisyTwo Superhit and One (was previously two) additional hit for Recharge

Even though Lily has received both buff and nerf, the Mythic brawler is one of the top three playable characters in season 28, alongside Meg and Frank.

Brawl Stars Season 28 Tier-list

Tier Brawlers
Meta Frank, Meg, Lily
SAngelo, Melody, Barry, Max, Kit, Draco, Byron, Colette
ARico, Gene, Surge, Charlie, Buzz, Gale, RT, Cordelis, Nita, Buster, Larrie and Lawrie, Jessie, Nita, Cordelius, Amber Piper, Sandy
BClancy, Stu, Pearl, Chuck, Sprout, Griff, Barley, Nany, Ruffs, Shelly, Gray, Lola, Poco, Leon, Carl, 8-Bit, Colt, Bibi, Rosa, Mandy, Chester
CEve, El Primo, Lou, Migo, Edgar, Willow, Sam, Gus, Tick, Spike, Pam, Otis, Dynamike, Jacky, Fang, Emz, Crow, Bea, Brock
DMaisie, Squeak, Penny, Tara, Mr. P, Mortis, Bull, Bo, Bonnie, Ash
FDoug, Janet, Darryl, Hank

With the regular Brawl Stars updates, the tier list and meta can change over time. Players who have yet to unlock the meta brawlers can also opt for Barley, Bryon, Kit, and Barry.

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