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Bayle The Dread In Elden Ring “Shadow Of The Erdtree” DLC

A formidable boss with fire abilities.


  • Bayle the Dread, aka Balerion the Black Dread, is one of the leaks of Shadow of the Erdtree that is circulating on online platforms.
  • The spoilers suggest Bayle is a dragon boss and has appearance similar to Midir from the Dark Souls 3.
  • Devlopers FromSoftware Inc. has requested the audience not to leak any potential DLC content to other players.

Elden Ring is one of the best open-world action RPGs ever, developed by FromSoftware and released in 2022.

This Role-playing game will release its first DLC, “Shadow of the Erdtree,” on June 21, 2024.

The upcoming expansion is highly anticipated. Following that, some unofficial leaks, including the final boss and Bayle, the Dread, are circulating around the media.

Bayle The Dread Potential Leaks Of “Shadow Of The Erdtree” DLC

With the expansion date approaching, players on different platforms have received spoilers about the DLC Shadow of the Eritrea.

The final boss, Bayle, the Dread, and the Messmer fight are some major leaks surrounding media platforms, with the DLC release imminent.

The spoilers suggest Bayle, the Dread, is a dragon similar to the Midir from Dark Souls 3.

The Bayle will be one of the enemies in this DLC that players will encounter in the Igon quest in the two phases.

During the first phase, Bayle will attack you through the fire flames from his breath, which you must defend.

While during the second phase, the creature will stand on his two legs and spread his wings to attack you. Thus, defeating the giant enemy might not be easy for you.

While these spoilers are circulating in the media, FromSoftware asks fans not to share them and ruin other players’ experiences with the DLC.

However, the leaks that surround social media platforms, including Reddit and X, might not be accurate.

While these leaks are still circulating, it might be wise for you to avoid gaming content from the online platform if you are eagerly waiting for the DLC release.

Amid the chaos caused by the leaks, FromSoftware plans to release a new quality-of-life patch just a day before the DLC’s launch.

This patch will address bugs, balance gameplay, introduce new features, and may also work on preserving the DLC’s mystery despite leaks.

This patch will feature a new summoning pool, expanded inventory, and more customization options for better gameplay.

Shadow Of the Erdtree Will Bring More Than 40 Bosses

The new expansion of the Elden Ring will feature around 40 bosses for a better combat experience.

Furthermore, players will encounter these bosses throughout their journey in the Realm of Shadow Of the Erdtree. Here are some of the bosses that you will encounter,

  • Divine Beast Dancing Lion
  • Rellana, Twin Moon Knight
  • Black Gaol Knight
  • Ghostflame Dragon
Blackgoal Knight in elden ring
Defeat the boss you encounter in the gameplay.

Apart from the leaked final bosses, these are some of the bosses that are officially noted to be in the expansion.

Moreover, among all the 40 bosses in this expansion, players will encounter 10 main story bosses in the Shadow Of the Erdtree.

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