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Build Isolated Securement Unit In Once Human

Only stores one item!


  • Isolated Securement Unit is the special function facility to store weird items including the Festering Gel.
  • To build the unit in Once Human, you will require Metal Scraps, Copper Ingots, and Glasses.
  • You must have an access to a Furance for crafting Copper Ingots and Glasses, which can be built with Copper Ores and Gravels.

Once Human is NetEase Game’s new survival game, where you can build structures, furniture and facilities.

The Isolated Securement Unit is one of the function facilities made up of a glass unit that can be unlocked in the early game after building territories.

However, you need to build another unit to complete an in-game objective in the early phase.

How To Craft Isolated Securement Unit In Once Human?

You can easily build an Isolated Securement Unit from the Build Menu after you head to the Function Facilities tab under the Facility button.

isolated securement unit
Build an Isolated Securement Unit. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

However, you will need to craft and collect a few items to build the Unit;

  • Metal Scrap x20
  • Copper Ingot x15
  • Glass x10

Metal Scrap is one of the disassembled materials that can be found easily while exploring any location.

Build A Furnace

You need to craft a Furnace to build the Glass. You can unlock one via the Cradle option using the Tab button.

To get the formula, you should have Semelyting Essential skills. Crafting the furnace costs 20 Copper Ore and 30 Gravel.

furnace once human
Collect the Crafting Materials for the Furnace. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Further, you should launch the Build menu again, tap Production Processing, and place the Furnace.

Craft The Required Materials

When you are in your territory, you can craft a Glass by using 3 Gravel and a Charcoal. You can also craft multiple glasses at once, but it might take more time.

For the Copper Ingot, you must collect the copper ore using a pickaxe or similar weapon and charcoal, which you can acquire by smelting the wood.

copper ore
Extract the Copper Ore to make Copper Ingot. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Crafting the Copper Ingot will cost you 3 Copper ore and Charcoal. In 75 seconds, you can craft 15 Copper Ingots for the Isolated Securement Unit.

Once you have collected all the crafting materials, you can place the Isolated Securement Unit via the Build Menu.

To use the facility, use the F button; you can use the Securemnet Unit to store items like Festering Gel and even Summon the Butterfly.

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