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“Call Of The Wolves” Quest In Diablo 4 To Collect Medallion Shards

A gift for the Villagers.


  • “Call of the Wolves” unlocks after players complete “The Helltide Rises” quest.
  • In the quest, players must collect Medallion Shards and gather materials for Webbed Hatchery.
  • Players should hand over the items to Soudeh The Anvil in Kehjistan for mission completion.

Call of the Wolves” in Diablo 4 is a new quest for “Season of Loot Reborn“, released on March 14.

Season 4 offers multiple quests, new battle passes, seasonal mount trophies, weapon transmog for all classes, and numerous improvements.

The Helltide Rises, The Wooden Wolf, and A Gift of Robes are other quests you can play in the latest Diablo 4 season.

Call Of The Wolves” In Diablo 4 To Impress Soudeh

Diablo 4’s Loot Reborn is largely based on the Iron Wolves, one of the action RPG’s new factions.

Iron Wolves are highly involved in multiple quests; however, you must complete an objective to unlock the new missions.

The Helltide Rises

The Helltide Rises is one of the first quests of the new season, and it unlocks the Call of the Wolves quest in Diablo 4.

doomsayer piya diablo 4
Speak to Doomsayer Piya. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

In the quest, players must complete one and only objective: Speaking to Doomsayer Piya in the Kyovashad location, the Fractured Peaks region near Inaruius Statue.

the helltide rises
Collect the rewards and start the next mission. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Collect Medallion Shards And Cacoons In Helltide In “Call Of The Wolves” Quest

Once you complete the priority quest, you should battle in Helltide to obtain Medallion Shards and Cacoons to proceed in “Call of the Wolves.”

Helltides in season 4 have vastly changed from the previous season, as you can collect thousands of XP and hundreds of chests to level up World Tier effectively.

Players can view icons on the map for the Tortured Gifts chests, except the Tortured Mystery Box, except in Vicinity.

Moreover, at World Tier 1 and 2, you must invest 100 Abernant Cinders to open the mystery gift; however, Medallion Shards drop randomly.

Significantly, collecting Shards in the quest provides a link to your reputation with the Iron Wolves group.

medallion shards diablo 4
Collect the Medallion Shards. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

While participating in Helltides, when you defeat demons, they drop Medallion Shards and Cacoons, and you must collect them.

Collecting three Cacoons will create a Webbed Hatchery, but it is not enough, as you must also search the Helltide for the evidence of Fallen Iron Wolves.

Meet Soudeh

Once you finish gathering the required items, navigate towards Iron Wolves Encampment in the desert region of Kehjistan and speak with Soudeh the Anvil.

Based on your progress, Soudeh will check your reputation tier and provide you with rewards such as crafting materials, consumables, and gear.

soudeh the anvil
Speak with Soudeh the Anvil. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players can also earn Wolf’s Honour if they help conquer the Helltide with Soudeh The Anvil.

After Dialogue completion, you can start the third quest, The Wooden Wolf, to tell what you learned.

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