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“Create A Jack In The Box With The Joker” Mission In MultiVersus

New Summer Bash mission, new bug!


  • Summer Bash’s “Create a Jack in the Box using Joker” mission is bugged in MultiVersus.
  • You can use Joker’s Down Special in the air five times to complete the task.
  • Players can get 600 Points for the task, and 1800 points for the Summer Bash Daily missions.

Multiversus offers multiple daily and weekly missions and occasional events with exclusive rewards.

Some of the missions are character-specific, whereas, for some tasks, you can pick any Warner Bros. fighter.

“Create a Jack in the Box using Joker” is one of the three Summer Bash event missions, which refreshes daily.

Joker’s Jack In The Box Task In MultiVersus

Joker is among the 27 fighters in MultiVersus, with unique abilities, perks, moves, and combos.

“What’s Behind the Curtain” is a Joker’s special ground attack move, which either fires a cannon shot or uses a “Jack in the Box” spring.

The springs appear on two sides of the map, which can emerge right after you deal enough damage.

To complete the “Create a Jack in the Box using Joker,” many players have used the Down special to create the spring.

Moreover, many players have even tried to complete the mission in both PvP and PvP, but none of them seem to work.

jack in the box with the joker
Complete missions to earn 600 Points. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The Summer Bash mission is actually bugged; thankfully, you can use a few other moves to achieve the milestone.

If you want to progress the mission, you can use Joker’s Down Special In the Air to deploy the Hit five times.

Completing any task in the Summer Bash event will earn you 600 points; collect more points by completing other tasks for exclusive rewards.

Win Wearing A Summer Skin And Play With Animated Character

To complete the “Win Wearing A Summer Skin” task, you will need either Beach Ready or Game of Thrones cosmetics.

You can complete the task using the Arya variant skin, Beach Volleyball Garnet, or any specific skin.

arya stark game of thrones multiversus
Use Game of Thrones skin to complete the challenge. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Whereas, for the animated character task, you have plenty of options to choose from: Shaggy, Banana Guard, Gizmo, Velma, Tez and many more.

Moreover, you can either play six matches with the same character or wish to play with different ones.

If you haven’t unlocked other animated characters, you can pick Gizmo or Shaggy to complete the task.

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