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Guide Land Leaders To Safety With Emergency Evacuation In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Make strategic decisions and interact with key NPCs.


  • The emergency evacuation is a series of quests in the postgame.
  • Managing the evacuation progresses the storyline and the rewards.
  • It involves guiding key characters and the general populace to safety.

In Dragon’s Dogma 2, the emergency evacuation refers to a series of post-game quests after the True or normal ending.

It is a critical component of the game’s narrative and gameplay; players must guide the leaders of the land to safety.

When you successfully manage the evacuation, it progresses the storyline.

Emergency Evacuation: The Quest Series In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Generally, the evacuation quests require players to make strategic decisions and interact with key NPCs, adding depth to the game’s mechanics.

dragons dogma 2 emergency evacuation
The evacuation quests require players to make strategic decisions. (Source: Screen Plays Mag).

It also progresses the rewards players with in-game currency, experience points, and special items.

Contrarily, it’s a pivotal moment that tests players’ ability to strategize and make quick decisions under pressure.

Shepherd of the Pawns, Halls of the First Dawn, and Civil Unrest are the emergency evacuation-related quests.

Civil Unrest

The Civil Unrest quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 takes place in the city of Bakbattahl.

Significantly, it’s one of the five quests required to complete the main quest, Halls of the First Dawn.

You begin by speaking to Manella, who is located at the three-way intersection near the oxcart stop in Bakbattahl.

The Civil Unrest quest takes place in the city of Bakbattahl. (Source: Screen Plays Mag).

The quest involves resolving three civil disputes among the citizens to ensure their cooperation during the evacuation:

First Dispute: A duel in front of the vocation guild; you must oversee the battle until the fighters come to their senses.

Second Dispute: An argument near the expensive Inn. You’ll talk to the children of the disputants and offer food to resolve the conflict amicably.

Third Dispute: A confrontation on the north side of town by the Arisen’s house. You’ll need to intervene and possibly use force to end the dispute.

Reporting Back: After settling all disputes, you return to Manella, who will direct you to speak with Empress Nadinia at the palace.

resolve three civil disputes
Resolve three civil disputes among the citizens. (Source: Screen Plays Mag).

Halls Of The First Dawn

Halls of the First Dawn is a pivotal part of the game’s postgame content, leading to the true ending.

Generally, the quest begins automatically after completing the Legacy main quest, which takes you to an unmoored world.

You must guide the land leaders to the Seafloor Shrine, which involves traversing the now-drained seabed to reach the exposed castle.

seafloor shrine for dragons dogma 2 emergency evacuation
Guide the leaders of the land to the Seafloor Shrine (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Along the way, you’ll encounter undead enemies like skeletons and zombies.

You must evacuate towns and settlements, directing them to seek refuge at the Seafloor Shrine. This includes completing related quests in each area.

Shepherd Of The Pawns

Shepherd of the Pawns is a crucial evacuation quest that takes place in the game’s postgame phase.

To begin the quest, speak to the guard Henrique near the entrance to the Excavation Site.

Upon arrival, you’ll find the camp under attack by a stone construct. You’ll need to assist Henrique in defeating it to gain his trust and help with the evacuation efforts.

After the battle, Henrique reveals that the Pawns in the camp cannot evacuate because they are still under the control of the former overseer’s Godsway. He leads you to the dungeon where the pawns are trapped.

shepherd of the pawns
Henrique leads you to the dungeon where the pawns are trapped (source: Screen Plays Mag).

Further, Henrique gives you the Overseers’ Lodge Key, which opens all the homes in the camp; find the Godsway to control the pawns.

The Godsway is located in a slightly larger house below the Inn. Inside, you will find the Diminished Godsway on the floor.

Finally, take the Godsway back to Henrique; it frees the pawns from the overseer’s control, allowing them to participate in the evacuation.

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