Can You Romance Beren After Claw Them Into Shape And Final Lesson Quests In Dragon’s Dogma 2?

Form deeper connections with characters.

Dragons Dogma 2 Romance Beren
In Dragons Dogma 2, you can build a bond with him.


  • Beren is a veteran warrior who acts as a trainer and quest giver.
  • You can build a bond with Beren through his quest line.
  • Perform “Claw Them Into Shape” and “Beren’s Final Lesson” are the Veteran’s quests.

It’s always a good idea to engage with various characters in RPGs like Dragon’s Dogma 2 to fully experience the game’s content and discover all the benefits they offer.

Similarly, Beren in Dragon’s Dogma 2, is a veteran Warrior who’s training recruits at the Borderwatch Outpost.

Creating a bond with Beren can be beneficial for quest rewards, character development and unlocking additional gameplay features.

Romance Beren In Dragon’s Dogma 2: Complete Veteran Warrior’s Quests

Dragon’s Dogma 2 offers a unique romance system where you can build relationships with many characters that increases your affinity with the character.

There are two options to romance in the game: Wilhelmina and Ulrika. However, each character has a specific romance quest line.

Unfortunately, in Dragon’s Dogma 2, you cannot romance Beren, but build a bond with him through his quest line.

Beren is a veteran warrior who acts as a trainer and quest giver; a captain of the Borderwatch Outpost and Maister for the Warrior vocation.

Visit Moon Glow Garden

You can find Beren in Moonglow Garden, thus; follow the western road from Borderwatch Outpost.

Once you reach the campsite near the bridge, turn north to find a path leading to a grassy area in the east.

However, note that Beren only appears in this area at night; therefore, if you rest at the campsite, it allows you to pass the time until he becomes available.

Visit moonglow garden
Visit Moon Glow Garden to find Beren. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Perform Claw Them Into Shape

Talk to Beren and accept the “Claw Them Into Shape” quest. He’ll ask you to complete three objectives:

  • Gather three swords.
  • Find a new recruit for the outpost.
  • Defeat Beren in a mock battle.

Gather Three Swords

This is the easiest part; you can simply buy any three swords from a shop in the Borderwatch Outpost or any other town.

The cheapest option might be the starting swords available at the outpost shop.

Find A New Recruit For The Outpost

To find a new recruit for the outpost, head to the Merchant Quarter in Vernworth.

You can find the new recruit wandering around this area; however, your Pawns might also point them out to you.

Defeat Beren

Once you have the swords and the recruit, return to Beren in Moonglow Garden.

He’ll challenge you to a duel to test your skills. However, the objective isn’t to deplete his health.

The real goal is to push Beren out of the training area in the Borderwatch Outpost. You’ll be automatically teleported there for the fight.

Use your combat skills to stagger Beren and then throw him out of the designated fighting zone.

Be careful, though, because if he pushes you out instead, you’ll lose the fight, but the quest will still progress.

Beren Dragon's Dogma 2
Beren is a captain of the Borderwatch Outpost. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Perform Beren’s Final Lesson

Completing Beren’s Final Lesson in Dragon’s Dogma 2 involves a series of steps and waiting for some time to pass. Here’s how it goes:

Part 1: The Duel

After completing the first two objectives of the quest, which likely involve training Beren’s recruits, Beren will challenge you to a duel.

You’ll be teleported to a training area. The objective here isn’t to defeat Beren, but to push him out of the designated fighting zone.

Thus, focus on dodging his attacks and waiting for openings to grab and throw him. If you get thrown out yourself, you’ll lose the duel but can still progress the quest.

Beren's Final Lesson
You shouldn’t keep the Cyclops in too much trouble. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Part 2: The Cyclops Returns

After the duel, wait some time in-game (you can sleep at the nearby camp) and return to Moonglow Garden at night.

You’ll find Beren there, and a Cyclops, the same one that injured his recruits earlier, will appear to attack.

Help Beren and your pawns defeat the Cyclops. By this point in the game, the Cyclops shouldn’t be too much trouble.


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