Players Suggest To Handle Forged Books If Spellbound Is Not Starting In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Do not miss any quest rewards.

Spellbound quest not starting in Dragons Dogma 2
To fix spellbound quest not starting in Dragons Dogma 2, revive the NPC.


  • The Spellbound quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a side mission where you help Trysha.
  • Unable to complete the quest, prevents players from experiencing the full storyline and rewards.
  • Players encountering this issue should try reviving the noc.

The Spellbound quest exists in the world of Dragon’s Dogma 2, where magic and adventure intertwine.

This quest aims to bring Trysha some grimoires, exhaust her magic reserves, and wait for her to wake.

However, this quest is not getting started, leaving players frustrated; let’s delve into the shadows and uncover the secrets.

Why Is Spellbound Not Starting In Dragon’s Dogma 2?

The Spellbound quest in Dragon’s Dogma 2 is a side mission where you help Trysha by collecting various grimoires to help her learn magic.

Moreover, the mission aims to bring Trysha some grimoires, exhaust her magic reserves, and wait for her to wake.

Thus, players had to find Let There Be Light, Fulminous Shield, Nation’s Death Knell, Howling Blizzard, and Towering Earth.

After gathering all the grimoires, players must return to Trysha and follow the subsequent steps to complete the quest.

Spellbound quest not starting Dragons Dogma 2
Community post on Spellbound Quest (source: Steam Community)

However, there’s a problem where players cannot complete the quest, preventing them from experiencing the full storyline and rewards associated with Trysha’s character.

Here are some reasons why the Spellbound quest is not starting:

  • Quest Progression Bug
  • NPC Availability
  • In-Game Time
  • Reviving NPCs

Revive NPCs And Move Trysha’s Grandparents Away To Start Spellbound In Dragon’s Dogma 2

Players may miss out on the quest rewards when the Spellbound quest is not starting in Dragon’s Dogma 2.

Further, it may lead to gaps in the story, affecting the overall gaming experience.

It may block further progression for the game; thus, here are some fixes you can try:

Handle Forged Books

While traveling, you might have encountered forged books and used them to complete other quests.

If you try giving these forged books to Trysha, the game may not recognize them as valid items to trigger the next phase of the Spellbound quest.

Thus, to resolve this, you can either wait for a game patch that addresses this bug or try different actions in the game.

Generally, you can complete other quests or reacquire the genuine books to see if it prompts the quest to start.

Nation’s Death Knell
Find Nation’s Death Knell for Trysha (source: Screen Plays Mag)

Reviving NPCs

In the game, NPCs can sometimes die due to various events.

If Trysha’s grandparents, who are essential for the quest’s progression, have died, you can revive them at the morgue in Vermund.

This is a facility in the game where deceased characters can be brought back to life for a fee.

Once revived, return to Trysha, and she should begin casting spells, which is a sign that the quest can now progress.

Move the grandparents away
Move the grandparents away from Trysha (source: Screen Plays Mag)

In-Game Time

Some quests in Dragon’s Dogma 2 are time-sensitive or require certain in-game events to occur before they can continue.

Players have reported that waiting for several in-game days, engaging in other activities, or resting at inns can sometimes cause the quest to update and continue.

However, this is not consistent for all players, and there’s no specific duration to wait.

NPC Proximity

There’s a chance of preventing you from starting the quest from starting if Trysha’s grandparents are too close to her.

Significantly, this could be due to the game’s script, which requires certain conditions to be met for the quest to initiate.

However, players can move the grandparents away from Trysha, even by carrying them; this action can sometimes trigger the quest.

This action changes the NPCs’ proximity and can fulfill the quest’s starting conditions.


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