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Dual Destiny Guide To Get Exotic Class Items In Destiny 2

Shape your destiny with your buddy!


  • Dual Destiny is the new mission, which offers Exotic class spirit armor after its completion.
  • Players must complete the Final Shape Camping and overthrow activities to access the mission.
  • This mission cannot be completed solo, as it requires a fireteam of two and a power level 1995.

Destiny 2: The Final Shape, the new expansion of the MMO, successfully completed its first week and is starting its second week with new missions and challenges in Echoes.

This expansion initially introduced eight main missions, including Iconoclasm and Ascent, while now, in its second week, we can find some Exotic missions.

Zero Hour and Dual Destiny are some of the exotic missions in Destiny 2 in the Echoes Season.

Complete The Overthrow Activities And Defeat The Bosses To Get Dual Destiny Mission

To get the Dual Destiny mission, you must complete the Overthrow activities of each region of Pale Heart and must kill specific boss enemies.

After completing these activities and defeating the bosses, you can get the mission and work on it to achieve an Exotic class item.

Defeat The Secret Keeper Bosses From Three Different Locations

Once you kill the boss enemies from each Overthrow region, the Travellers Light will heal the area and clear the enemies for Five minutes.

At the start of the Five minutes, you will receive a message text: “A Secret-Keeper of the Witch Queen is near…“.

Secret Keeper boss in destiny 2
Wait for the Message to pop up. ( Source: Screen Plays Mag)

This Message means that the Lucient Hive Wizards have spawned somewhere in the specific location of the Overthrown area.

Therefore, you will only have five minutes to defeat these Secret-Keeper bosses in each region of Pale Heart.

Here are the locations where you will find these bosses,

  • The Blooming: In the Cave located near the Landing Zone.
  • The Landing: Near the entrance of The Forgotten Deep Lost Sector.
Overthrown activities in dual destiny
Complete the activities within 5 minutes. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)
  • The Impasse: At the bottom left corner of the zone near just north of The Broken Deep Lost Sector.

Once you complete the overthrown activities, you can head towards these locations and defeat the Secret boss.

You only have 5 minutes for this, so you must be well prepared for an intense fight in these areas.

Defeat Subjugator And Light Or Dark Mote

Once you defeat the Secret Keeper bosses, you will see the beam of green light in the sky coming from The Refraction.

Follow the light; it will lead you to The Refraction, where you will encounter Savathun and get the new objective, Savathun Envoy.

dual destiny guide
Follow the green light to get Savathun Envoy. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You must complete this seven-minute timer challenge by defeating the dread enemies and two Subjugators boss.

Once you kill the Subjugators, it will drop Light Or Dark Mote, which you must collect and take those Motes to the Savathun room.

There, you will see two dark plates and one light; put those orbs in the respective plates. By doing so, you can unlock the Dual Destiny mission.

Start Dual Destiny Mission With Fireteam

The Dual Destiny mission cannot be started solo. Thus, you need to call your friend to explore the adventure of the mission.

To start the mission, you must go to the activity section of the game menu and select the Exotics Mission, where you will find Dual Destiny.

activity selection
Select Dual Destiny Exotic Class item. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Unlike other missions in this new expansion, the dual destiny mission is all about timing; you must achieve certain objectives within a specific time period to finish the mission.

The mission starts at The Refraction of the Pale Heart. You have to complete the series of objectives that appear.

The first objective you will be assigned is “Escape.” Following that, you will get “Explore The Anamoly.” You will be assigned these two objectives from time to time.

Mastery of Balance in destiny 2
Complete the Mastery of Balance. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Mastery of Balance and Find Balance are other objectives you must accomplish to defeat enemies and balance yourself and your partner in the location.

While Balancing yourself in the area, you will encounter 3 different bosses, which you need to defeat. Once you have all of them, your mission will be complete.

reward for Dual destiny mission destiny 2
Claim your reward after successful completion. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After the successful completion of the mission, you and your partner will receive an Exotic Class item as a reward.

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