Reaching Endgame In Search Of Sacred Arbor Portcrystal At Unmoored World

Beat Dragon's Dogma 2 to access the Portal.

Dragons Dogma 2
Secure True Ending to access Sacred Arbor Portcrystal.


  • To get the Sacred Arbor Portcrystal, you must secure a True Ending.
  • The fast-travel tool of the Arbor can be found during the Halls of the First Dawn in Unmoored World.
  • The Portcrystal is located on the Northern Side of the map.

Unlike other Portcrystals In Dragon’s Dogma 2, Sacred Arbor, one is fairly difficult to extract.

This Portcrystal is accessible at the end of the game after players unlock the Unmoored World.

For that, you must complete the final main quest, Legacy, to determine your fate in post-game.

Accessing Unmoored World For Sacred Arbor Portcrystal

Dragon’s Dogma 2 has two endings: one where Arisen is the true king of the Throne and the other in the Unmoored world after a tough combat with the Dragon.

The Unmoored World is not accessible to all players but only to those on the path to True Ending.

Dragon's Dogma 2 True ending
Secure the True Ending to unlock the Unmoored World and find Sacred Arbor Portcrystal. (Source: PlayStation)

To experience both endings in Dragon’s Dogma 2, players can first get the basic ending, and for the True ending, they can start the save progression from the Dragon Fight.

It will roughly take 30+ hours if players focus on both main and side quests, whereas 20+ hours only for main ones to reach the end game.

After reaching the Unmoored World, players can get the Sacred Arbor Portcryatal right at the start of the Halls of the First Dawn quest.

The mission starts after players overcome the Dreams Apart quest and meet the pawn, your companion.

In the quest, Luz will assign players to save the world and evacuate the cities Venworth, Bakbattahl, Harve Village, Sacred Arbor, and Agamen Volcanic Inland to Seafloor Shrine.

Sacred Arbor Portcrystal Location In Halls Of The First Dawn

When players head to the Seafloor Shrine to find Rothais, they will encounter a mysterious Portcrystal.

Surprisingly, interacting with the Portcrystal in the Seafloor Shrine will unlock every portcrystal, which is easily visible on the map.

The Portcrystal in Sacred Harbor is located on the map’s northern side, making teleportation easy to complete further post-game quests.

postcrystal secret arbor dragons dogma 2
Head to the red mark on the Sacred Arbor to access Portcrystal. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

If you are still in the mid-game or have not unlocked the Unmoored World In Dragon’s Dogma 2, you can place the Portcrystal around the area to save time.

Even though the temporary portcrystals are heavy to carry, they are an excellent option for fast traveling; however, you must also have a Ferrystone.

By accessing the Portcrystals and finally stepping into the Unmoored world, you can engage in various quests and earn a handful of rewards.

You can get Dragonforged Weapons such as Dragon’s Aegis and Dogma, and Armors including Ancient Galica and Blazing Soul.


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