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Fallout 76 “Double Crossed Wires” Quest To Find Daniel

Oh no, we've lost Daniel!


  • Double-Crossed Wires is ninth main quests of Skyline Valley in Fallout 76.
  • To start Double-Crossed Wires, players need to finish the previous main quest, “The Powerhouse of the Cell.
  • Players need to explore the High Knob Lookout area of the Skyline Valley and find Daniel to complete the mission.

Fallout 76’s 19th major update, The Skyline Valley, has finally launched with new quests and locations.

This update has brought up a larger map expansion, with 11 main quests and other Unmaked and public events.

The Powerhouse of the Cell and Double-Crossed Wires are some of the main quests in this new expansion of Fallout 76.

Complete “Double Crossed Wires” Quest In Fallout 76

To start the “Double Crossed Wires” quest, you must interact with James T. Oberlin, the Chief Army Scientific Advisor to the ATLAS Program.

James will expect you in his office to tell you some secrets about his past and offer you a new job.

James in fallout 76 double crossed wires
Interact with james to start the mission. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

So, you should complete the dialogue with the Army officer and follow his guide to start the mission.

Once you are done talking to James, you need to head towards the High Knob Tower, along the western perimeter of the park, and look for Daniel.

Infiltrate The Blood Eagle Hideout

You will encounter various enemies as you enter the High Know Lookout location. Thus, be prepared with your loadouts.

Group of Blood Eagle Flayer are the enemies you must defeat to progress forward in the mission.

blood eagle flayer in fallout 76
Defeat the Flayers and loot them. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you defeat the Legendary Blood Eagle Flayer, you can loot the Mutant Slayer Excavator Left Arm, Combat Rifle, and various other items from him.

Moving forward, you need to head toward the High Knob Fire Tower location and enter the area to search for Daniel.

Search For Daniel

Once you defeat the enemies on the ground, enter the Fire Tower base. On the base, you will see different rooms with metal doors.

You need to investigate each room until you find Daniel. Inside one of the rooms, you will encounter the Blood Eagle Leader.

Fire tower in fallout
Enter the tower location and investigate. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You must defeat the Leader and grab the High Knob Basement Key from him, which will help you to unlock the other rooms.

As you progress forward, you need to enter the basement. There, you will find Daniel’s body and his Holotape, which you need to take back.

report in fallout 76
Grab the report. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Collect all the items you find in the room, return to James’ office, and report what you collected.

Once you report back to James, you will complete the mission and get the following items as a reward;

  • Stimpack x8
  • RadAway x6
  • Shattered Grounds
  • Purified Water x7
  • Floater Freezer Grenade x2
  • 5.56 Round x4

The rewards may fluctuate depending on the player’s performance during the quest.

Once you receive the rewards, you can progress toward the next quest, Gathering Clouds, which will be the second last mission of Skyline Valley’s main quest.

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