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Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Demo Gameplay And Beta Update

Three Days of Early Access.


  • Dragon Ball: Sparking Zero demo gameplay is exclusive to few players.
  • The game will feature modes including Episode and Custom battle, with character selections including Goku and Vegeta.
  • Players with Deluxe, Ultimate and Premium edition can with get early access on October 8.

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero is an upcoming Action Battle game from Spike Chunsoft.

The game is set to release on October 11, 2024, and will be launched by BNE LLC and Namco Bandai Games America Inc.

Thankfully, there’s a way you can get early access or play the beta version of Sparking Zero.

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Gameplay And Modes

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero will launch on multiple platforms, including PS5, Xbox X|S, and Microsoft Windows.

The fighting and shooter game will feature multiple characters with abilities similar to those of other series: Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super.

The franchise will offer multiple game modes, including Episode Battle and Custom Battle.

The Episode Battle is a single-player character mode featuring eight playable characters, including Goku and Vegeta.

Select the preferred character. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

However, the stage will vary for different characters, and surprisingly, you can even change the outcome of the fights compared to the battle series.

Jumping over to Custom Battle will allow players to have a unique battle scene, and the mode even features a separate bonus battle with tons of characters to choose from.

The Bonus Battle will allow players to engage in the original fight situation between various characters.

Moreover, the sub-mode may even feature cutscenes replicating the Anime story, and the battles may also have unique winning conditions.

dragon ball
Some of the battles will feature the anime-like cut-scenes.

Players can choose the different characters through the “Edit” settings under the game modes and even create unique cutscenes.

Besides the normal game modes, Dragon Ball Sparking Zero also features an offline player mode.

However, players won’t be able to enjoy local multiplayer via split-screen except for the “Hyperbolic Time Chamber” Stage.

Dragon Ball Sparking Zero Demo And Beta

Namco Bandai has already released a few trailers and a game mode showcase for the Dragon Ball Sparking Zero.

The demo mode is exclusive to a few players only and features a control selection mode at the start and three character slots, which will be reverted to five in the full release.

After character selection, you can start the battle immediately, where the graphics seem impeccable, as the devs have worked incredibly in maps and balancing the surroundings as well.

When you start, the character will only have three health bars, slowly rising to seven.

dragon balla
You can play 5v5 mode in Dragon Ball Sparking Zero.

The best part of the game is the character intro, outro, and animation, which seem to be game-changers.

As the Demo mode is exclusive and there’s no sign of open beta testing currently, players can still pre-order the game for early-access gameplay.

Players will get four editions of Dragon Ball Sparking Zero: Standard, Deluxe, Ultimate, and Premium, each with its own perk.

Unfortunatley, players with the Standard edition won’t get early access three days before the global release.

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