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Helldivers 2 “Charger Behemoth” Requires Anti-Armor Weapons

Two well-charged railgun shots.


  • Anti-armor weapons are essential for targeting the Behemoth Charger’s weak spots.
  • The Bile Titan requires unique strategies, emphasizing the importance of targeting its underbelly or mouth with weapons like the Railgun.
  • Stratagem balance has been a major focus, with significant improvements in durability, weapon handling, and melee attack power.

Helldivers 2 is in a terrifying universe where mankind is ruled by a “managed democracy” on Super Earth.

The latest patch for Helldivers 2, update 01.000.400, was released on June 13, and it brought over 100 changes and fixes to the game.

This major update addresses issues with Stratagem balance and planetary hazards and includes buffs to durable part damage on rifles and machine guns.

Helldivers 2 New Patch 01.000.400 Brings Change To Behemoth Charger

The damage you deal in Helldivers 2 can vary depending on the weapon used, the enemy type, and the difficulty level.

Moreover, the recent update has introduced changes that affect the overall damage mechanics and enemy resistance.

Behemoth Charger
Behemoth Charger and Bile Titan are tough enemies. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

As a result, some players are experiencing differences in the number of shots required to take down tough enemies like the Behemoth Charger and Bile Titan.

Behemoth Charger Helldivers 2

In Helldivers 2, the Behemoth Charger is a heavily armored enemy. Thus, to effectively damage it, you must target its weak spots.

You need to target its head or front legs; however, you must use Anti-armor weapons for this purpose.

At level three, it’s possible to rip the armor off a charger’s leg with two well-charged railgun shots.

Behemoth Charger  helldivers 2
Behemoth Charger is a heavily armored enemy. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The health of the Charger’s head has been lowered, making it vulnerable to instant kills with a well-placed shot from a Recoilless Rifle or EAT-17.

Further, the Charger Behemoth is introduced in the new battle and higher difficulty levels, and it can take more damage than before in the update.

As a result, players can generate fewer chargers while maintaining the same difficulty.

A headshot on Chargers now instantly kills with a well-placed shot from a Recoilless Rifle or EAT-17.

Titan Variants In Helldivers 2

The Bile Titan is a significant threat, and while it does not have variants. However, it requires specific tactics and weapons to defeat.

Generally, tactics include drawing its attention and targeting its weak spots. Players can target its underbelly or mouth with weapons like the Railgun or anti-tank launchers.

Bile Titan helldivers 2
Target Bile Titan’s underbelly or mouth. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Stratagem Balance

A major focus of the update was on balancing Stratagems. The rocket launcher, machine gun, autocannon, gatling gun, and mortar sentries have all seen changes.

Further, the new patch includes an 80% increase in durability and a decrease in a spread when targeting larger enemies.

There’s a 30% improvement in weapon handling. As a result, weapons are easier to maneuver, aim, and shoot, leading to a smoother combat experience.

Players can use the weapons like the Railgun or anti-tank launchers. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Finally, melee attacks are now 50% more powerful, allowing players to deal more damage in close combat situations.

Galactic War Table

New supply lines are added to the Galactic War Table, which represents the connections between planets and the flow of resources and reinforcements.

Further, players can now see where each planet gets its support, which allows for more strategic decisions on where to attack or defend.

However, the direction from which invasions are coming is now clearly marked, enabling players to intercept enemy forces more effectively.

FS-38 Eradicator 
FS-38 Eradicator has impressive stats and abilities. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

FS-38 Eradicator Buffed In The Patch

The new FS-38 Eradicator, available in the superstore, has super-light armor and fortified 50% explosion resistance.

FS-38 Eradicator has undergone some changes in the latest patch. The weapon has been tweaked to offer better survivability against explosive damage.

This can be a significant change for players who frequently encounter such threats in the game.

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