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Fallout 76 “Ferment An Alcoholic Beverage” Daily Challenge

Sip a pint of beer between the battle chaos.


  • To ferment the alcohol in Fallout 76, players need to unlock Fermenter and Brewing Station.
  • You can craft over 30 variety of Fermented drinks using the equipments.
  • For the Beverage challenge, you can craft any three alchols by using the specific ingredients.

Fallout offers several daily and weekly challenges, where players are rewarded with SCORE points, which gradually increase their ranks.

The Daily Challenges are randomized and consist of eight tasks; completing all of them rewards 2750 SCORE points.

Collecting Verified Fuel and Fermenting an alcoholic beverage are a few tasks in the Daily Challenges.

Fallout 76 “Ferment An Alcoholic BeverageChallenge

Fallout 76 has various learnable skills that players can unlock after completing specific quests in the game.

One such skill is called Brewing and Distilling, which allows players to make alcoholic beverages.

Fallout 76 "Ferment An Alcoholic Beverage" Daily Challenge
Daily Challenges in Fallout 76. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Fallout 76 offers several types of alcohol that they can brew after learning the ingredient recipes for each alcoholic beverage.

Specifically, players can brew more than 30 types of alcoholic beverages after learning this skill.

Initially, players can ferment a beverage after collecting and mixing all these ingredients in the Brewing Station.

Moreover, they can use the Fermenter to speed up the brewing process to make a refined beverage.

Unlock The Brewing Station And Fermenter To Ferment Alcohol

Fallout 76 includes a crafting feature that allows players to place various equipment in their camp.

However, players can only unlock these pieces of equipment after completing their specific mission on the map.

Players must complete the Wasted on Nukashine mission to unlock the Brewing Station and the Fermenter.

  • Players must head to Morguetown and locate the NKM fraternity house.
  • Defeat a few monsters and locate the red Nuka Cola machine inside the house.
  • Inspect the cola machine to reveal a secret entrance to another room.
Speak with biv t unlock ferment alchohol
Speak with BIV to unlock the Brewing Station and Fermenter. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)
  • Interact with the mysterious robot “BIV” inside to get details of the Wasted on Nukashine mission.
  • Enter the Tattoo parlor, drink a Nukashine bottle, and complete the riddle.
  • Find and connect two note pieces to reveal and collect all the ingredients to unlock the crafting recipe.

Ferment Three Alcoholic Beverages In Daily Challenge

After placing the Fermenter and the Brewing Station, you should craft the fermentable alcoholic beverage of your choice.

beer fallout 76
Launch the brewing station. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you invest in the ingredients and get the product, launch the Fermenter and tab the beverage to get the final result.

Players were initially asked to ferment 10 alcohols, but the challenge was reverted back to only 3 to save up the ingredients.

If you are low on ingredients for a specific item, you can also craft other alcohols, including Beer, Bourbon, and Whiskey.

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