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Fallout 76 “Oldest Trick In The Book” Quest To Locate Cassidy

Watch out for the Cultists lurking in the Mines!


  • “Oldest Trick in the Book” is the seventh main quest of the Skyline Valley in Fallout 76.
  • Players have to complete the previous six main quests to start this mission; with the last one being Seeking Shelter.
  • Audrey Stolz of Vault 63 offers the “Oldest Trick in the Book,” so you must interact with her first.

Fallout 76 recently launched its nineteen major updates, “Skyline Valley Update,” with new gameplay features.

The update included a map expansion, introducing a new southern region known as Skyline Valley, with 11 main quests and other unmarked and public event quests.

An Unlikely Invitation” and “Oldest Trick in the Book” are some of the main quests in the new update.

Interact With Audrey’s Father To Start “Oldest Trick In The Book Quest In Fallout 76

Once you are done with the “Seeking Shelter” quest, you can start the “Oldest Trick in the Book” by talking with Audrey Stolz.

While you are talking with Audrey, her father, Hugo, comes up and tells you that Cassidy has been kidnapped.

Hugo in fallout 76
Listen to Hugo to move forward in the mission. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Thus, you need to go to the Old Crimora Mines and locate Cassidy so that Hugo’s men can extract her.

Investigate Old Crimora Mines

Once you are in the Old Crimora Mine, the first objective that appears on your screen is to Find and equip a disguise.

For this, you need to kill the Cultists from their base and search for their garments, which you will find in the wooden house.

garments in fallout oldest trick in the book
Collect the Cultist garments. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After you collect the disguise, get out of the house and head towards the entrance of the Old Crimora Mines.

Investigate the mine area and move towards the upper area of the Mines, where you will encounter Elder Pepper.

Elder Pepper in fallout 76
Interact with Pepper to enter the location. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Elder Pepper is the guy who is guarding the area you need to enter. Thus, to get entry, you will need a password.

Your password will be located at the other end of the same cave in Alex’s bedroom.

take password  to finish fallout oldest trick in the book quest
Grab the password sheet and give it to the Elder Pepper. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After getting the password, you must enter the area and search for Cassidy.

Search For Cassidy And Defeat Alex

Once you enter the area, you must travel through the train track, leading you towards the bridge.

Take the first right of the bridge and enter through the second door on your right. This will be the prison cell, where you will find Cassidy lying on the bed.

Cassidy  in prision
Move forward to find Alex after locating Cassidy. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After finding Cassidy, you need to search for Alex. To find Alex, get out of prison, turn right, and follow the tunnel until you encounter Alex.

Once you finish the dialogue with Alex, she will fire at you. Thus, you will have an intense battle with her, so you need to be prepared.

Alex in fallout
Defeat Alex to finish the mission. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After defeating Alex, you need to take down all the Cultists from the Mines; once you do so, report back to Hugo to finish the mission and receive the following rewards,

  • Stimpack x3
  • RadAway x7
  • Plan: Cultist Monarch Outfit
  • Purified Water x8
  • Plasma Grenade x2

After successfully completing “Oldest Trick in the Book,” you can start “The Powerhouse of the Cell.” quest.

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