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“Survey Task” In Wuthering Waves Exploration Event For Survey Points

Collect all the rewards by playing for seven days.


  • You can overcome the objective bug on “Survey Task” by restarting Wuthering Waves.
  • Even though the event quest is randomized, most players will probably get the “Upgrade Any Resonator 1 Time” objective with another random task.
  • Completing each task will grant you 10 Survey points; collect them to purchase items including Astrite, Sealed Tube and Echoes.

Wuthering Waves has launched a limited-time Exploration event on June 13, 2024.

The event on 1.0 will be running till June 23 and will provide you with two survey tasks daily.

Moreover, players will get two random Survey Tasks that will reset at 4 a.m. UTC time every day.

Wuthering Waves “Survey TaskIn Exploration Event

Many players are currently facing a bug on the Exploration event, as the Survey Task option does not display any objectives.

wuthering waves survey tasks
The Survey Task section is bugged for some players. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Thankfully, the problem is not major; players can just restart or log out and enter the credentials to play the Survey Tasks.

re-login wuthering waves
Exit and log in with credentials. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you launch the Exploration section, which is based on the Central Plains theme, you will get two objectives, rewarding you with Survey Points.

However, to start the objective, players should reach atleast Union Level 14 via quests, Spending Waveplates, Simulation Training, and many more.

As the Survey Task is randomized, players will get any of the two objectives;

  • Upgrade Any Resonator 1 Time
  • Upgrade Any Echo 1 Time
  • Obtain 1 Piece of Raw Meat
  • Defeat 5 enemies
  • Upgrade Any Weapon 1 Time
  • Consume Any Potion 1 Time
  • Collect 1 Collectibles
  • Defeat 1 Overlord Class
  • Use The Synthesizer 1 Time
  • Absorb 1 Echo
  • Consume Any Dish 1 Time
Note: Besides the tasks mentioned above, players may get other survey tasks as well, which we will update with time.

However, there’s a high probability for day 1 that most players will get the “Upgrade Any Resonator 1 Time” objective with another random task.

wuthering waves exploration
Click the Arrow Button. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Although the tasks are pretty simple, you can simply click the arrow button to get started If you get confused while initiating the objective.

Survey Points CostRewards
20Astrite x200 
Malleable Elite Class Echo
40Premium Sealed Tube x10
Premium Tuner x50
60Premium Sealed Tube x10
Astrite x200
100Premium Sealed Tube x10
Premium Tuner x50
140Astrite x400 
Malleable Elite Class Echo

Moreover, completing a task will grant you 10 Survey Points, and if you complete two tasks daily by the end of the event, you will get 280 Survey Points.

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