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Freyna Enhanced Cells In The First Descendent

Any luck on your first five tries?


  • Freyna Enhanced Cells are one of the materials that players need to collect to build Freyna in The First Descendant.
  • Players can obtain this material as a drop from “The Shelter” mission in Vespers, which is part of the submission “Obtain Freyna’s Equipment Material 5”.
  • The chance of getting this material is only 20%; thus, if Freyna Enhanced Cells are not dropping, players should perform the mission multiple times.

The First Descendant is a looter-shooter game that combines the element of RPG with a third-person view.

This latest game features 14 Standard playable characters and 5 Ultimate with unique abilities and weapons.

Freyna is one of the 14 characters in the game that players can build by collecting four of her parts, including Enhanced Cells and Stabilizer.

Obtain Freyna Enhanced Cells From “The Shelter” Mission In Vespers

Freyna Enhanced Cells is one of the materials that is required to conduct research on Freyna, one of the playable characters in The First Descendant.

In addition to this material, players will need three other materials, Freyna Stabilizer, Spiral Catalyst, and Code, to research Freyna.

Two of these items can be obtained by running the submission” Obtain Freyna’s Equipment Material 5“.

Run the submission and get the necessary materials. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Meanwhile, for the Code, you must find and unlock the Amorphous Material Pattern: Freyna.

Furthermore, once you have other materials, you can work on the Freyna Enhanced Cells by starting “The Shelter” mission on Vespers.

Start The Shelter Mission

The Shelter mission is one part of the submission “Obtain Freyna’s Equipment Material 5,” which will drop Freyna Enhanced Cells.

To start this mission, players must load up in Vespers, one of the locations in First Descendant.

The Shelter mission in the first descendant
Complete The Shelter mission to obtain Enhanced Cells. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you start the mission, you must progress toward its end by completing the objective that pops up on the screen.

Within the mission, players must mostly eliminate enemies from different areas, such as the Surveillance Zone and Ancestor DNA connection devices.

The shelter mission in the first descendant
Eliminate the target and move forward. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Furthermore, players might get the Enhanced Cells at the start of the mission in the middle or the end. It’s not specified.

Therefore, players must seek out the material during the mission, as it might drop from enemies or around the surroundings.

Low Drop Rate

There is only a 20% chance that players will get the Enhanced Cells from The Shelter mission.

Enhanced cells in the first descendant
Complete the mission and receive the enhanced cells. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moreover, there are seen to be some issues with the percentage rate, as players complained that they had not received the cells after numerous attempts.

However, there are no official details about the bug or any issues with the percentage from the developer side yet.

Therefore, players should try to work on the mission multiple times and look out for the cells in each attempt.

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