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Fallen Hope Ultimate Weapon In The First Descendant

A rare crafting material!


  • Fallen Hope is one of the Ultimate Assault Rifles in The First Descendant, with Perdition as a special ability.
  • To get this ultimate weapon, players need to collect several materials: Polymer Syntium, Synthetic Fiber, Nano Tube, and Blueprint.
  • These materials can be obtained by running several missions in the White-night Gulch area, such as the Eye of Truth and Alter.

This looter-shooter game features a variety of ultimate weapons and characters with unique abilities and skills.

Divine Punishment and Fallen Hope are some of the 22 ultimate weapons that players can find in The First Descendant.

Even though Fallen Hope is a D-tier Assault Rifle, players can maximize its level using boosting modules to increase the damage and fire rate.

Collect The Materials And Craft The Weapon Fallen Hope In The First Descendant

Fallen Hope is one of the ultimate weapons, with the unique ability of Perdition in The First Descendant.

This ability increases Firearm ATK and applies buff to the attack when you hit the poisoned enemies.

Once you defeat the enemies with this weapon, the defeated ones trigger an explosion that causes harm to the surroundings and nearby enemies.

first descendant fallen hope
Freyna is one of the suitable characters for Fallen Hope. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players will not get this weapon directly from the Vendor. Thus, they must build it by collecting certain materials.

Players need to run different missions to obtain these materials and extract them on specific locations.

Fallen Hope Polymer Synctium

This material can be obtained from the Border Line Of Truth mission in White-night Gulch with normal difficulty.

white night gulch in the first descendant fallen hope
Progress in the mission to get the materials. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

In this mission, players need to eliminate certain enemies from the different Zones of the location.

Moreover, the acquisition chance of obtaining the Fallen Hope Polymer Synctium is 20%. Thus, players might need to repeat this mission several times to obtain the material.

Likewise, the remaining three materials can also be obtained from the different missions of the White-night Gulch. The table below lists the missions and their location.

Fallen Hope Synthetic FiberMission: Eye of Truth
Location: The Mountaintops
Acquisition Chance: 20%
Fallen Hope Nano TubeMission: Altar
Location: Shipment Base
Acquisition Chance: 20%
Fallen Hope BlueprintMission: Lower Hatchery
Location: Hatchery
Acquisition Chance: 20%

Furthermore, as all the missions are on the White-night Gulch, players must explore several locations to collect the materials.

The first image is for Synthetic Fiber, the second is for Blueprint, and the last one is for Nano Tube.

Shipment base in the looter shooter game
The first image is for Synthetic Fiber, the second is for Blueprint, and the last one is for Nano Tube. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Furthermore, the Acquisition Chance of obtaining the materials is 20% for all. Thus, you might need to perform each and every mission several times.

However, if you are lucky, you may get this material on the first attempt. After you have collected the materials, you can head towards the Albion.

In the Albion, you must meet the Descendant instructor, Magisters Anais, and request the research.

Anais in the first descendant
Click on Research Request and wait for 4 hours to get the weapon. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Furthermore, the cost of the research is 100,000 coins, with a Mastery Rank 1 and a research time of 4 hours.

Once the research is completed, you will be notified and be able to use the ultimate weapon and customize it to your preference.

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