Helldivers 2 Electronic Countermeasures Operation Modifier Changes Stratagems

Is Electronic Countermeasures broken?

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Electronic Countermeasures changes Stratagems use.


  • Electronic Countermeasures are the modifier effect which disruots the Stratagem use.
  • Inserting one Stratagem code will rather deploy another Stratagem.
  • Using Support Weapons like Anti-tank will provide an upperhand in the operation modifier.

In Helldivers 2, Electronic Countermeasures is the modifier that adds a layer of complexity to missions.

Electronic Countermeasures affect the reliability of calling-in support stratagems in Helldivers 2.

However, players are not satisfied as Electronic Countermeasures disrupt the usual reliability of these stratagems.

Electronic Countermeasures In Helldivers 2: An Operation Modifier

In Helldivers 2, the Electronic Countermeasures modifier is a gameplay element that adds an extra layer of challenge to missions.

This modifier can affect the reliability of calling in support stratagems, such as airstrikes, turret drops, or vehicle deployments.

Players must utilize alternative tactics to ensure the successful deployment of support stratagems amidst the chaos
Players must utilize alternative tactics to ensure the successful deployment of support stratagems amidst the chaos. (Screen Plays Mag)

While playing a mission you equip multiple Stratagemns in your inventory and deploy attack accordingly.

If players have selected a railgun and multiple orbitals, the Railgun will damage a certain area instead of firing.

This forces players to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and encourages flexibility in their strategies.

The primary purpose of this modifier is to introduce variability and unpredictability into missions.

This forces players to adapt quickly to changing circumstances and encourages flexibility in their strategies.

Nonetheless, it adds an extra layer of challenge and excitement to missions, requiring players to adjust their approach accordingly.

However, not all Stratagems are affected in the Electronic Countermeasures Modifier.

Impact Of Electronic Countermeasures Modifier In Helldivers 2

Electronic Countermeasures in Helldivers 2 has become a significant topic of discussion among players.

It has sparked considerable discussion among players, with many expressing a desire to disable it due to its impact on gameplay.

Players have voiced frustration, citing instances where they have had to input stratagem codes multiple times before getting the desired outcome.

The frustration expressed by players underscores the significant impact of the Electronic Countermeasures modifier on gameplay, highlighting the challenges and unpredictability it introduces when calling in support stratagems in Helldivers 2
Players highlight the challenges Electronic Countermeasures introduces when calling in support stratagems in Helldivers 2.

This leads to instances where players receive unintended outcomes or experience delays in deployment.

Similarly, this modifier changes the stratagems players input into different ones, introducing randomness and unpredictability.

However, sealing with the randomness and unpredictability of the modifier has been incredibly frustrating for players.

The high frequency of incorrect stratagem inputs due to this modifier can disrupt gameplay flow.

Moreover, it can hinder a player’s ability to effectively utilize offensive capabilities when they are most needed.

Electronic Countermeasures Modifier: Strategy And Weapons

In Helldivers 2, this modifier introduces uncertainty, forcing players to adapt their strategies dynamically during missions.

Fortunately, some players have discovered a trick to mitigate the impact of this modifier in Helldivers 2.

Here are some quick and practical tips for efficiently handling the Electronic Countermeasures modifier in the game;

Picking Unaffected Stratagem

The Electronic Countermeasure operation modifier will Scramble all the Stratagem codes excluding Resupply and Reinforce Stratagems.

Resupply and Reinforce are two starting Stratagems available to all players.

The Resupply Stratagem will provide Ammunition to every weapon in the inventory, has an activation period of 5 seconds, and requires no Stratagem slot.

Unfortunatley, Resupply’s cooldown period of 3 minutes can be a massive disadvantage for the Helldivers.

On the other hand, Reinforce Stratagem will help resurrect the fallen players in the battle.

Unlike the Resupply Stratagem, Reinforce boasts a 3-second Activation Time and a 30-second cooldown period.

However, both the Strategem will tend to be useless if players are on a higher level.

Selection Of Best Stratagems

Players often pick stratagems used differently when entering the mission, such as explosions and guns.

However, players should select the same types of Stratagems in the Electronic Countermeasures.

If you are going for explosives, choose an Eagle Cluster Bomb, Eagle Airstrike, or Arc Thrower.

Furthermore, you should go for Railgun or Orbital Laser while selecting Single-Handed Weapons.

Double-Check And Adapt

One effective strategy is to double-check the activated stratagem after triggering Electronic Countermeasures.

When players activate Electronic Countermeasures, they must double-check in the top left to see which one got activated.

Hence, this allows players to confirm the intended stratagem before throwing it.

Additionally, players must be prepared to adapt quickly if the outcome doesn’t match expectations. 

Utilize The Menu Button

Upon pulling out the stratagem ball, players can use the menu button (L1 or Ctrl) to put it away if it’s wrong.

This simple yet effective technique prevents accidental deployments and minimizes resource wastage.

Communication And Coordination

Effective communication with teammates is essential when dealing with the Electronic Countermeasures modifier.

Players must share information about encountered stratagem outcomes and coordinate actions to adapt collectively.

However, teamwork enhances adaptability and increases the likelihood of mission success.

Hence, players must embrace a learning mindset and be open to adapting strategies based on experience.

To master this modifier, they must experiment with different tactics, refine their skills, and adapt to evolving challenges.


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