Helldivers 2 New Patch 01.000.200 Makes Retrieve Essential Personnel Mission Relatively Easier

Fighting bots made easier.

Retrieve Essential Personnel Mission.
Helldivers 2 new patch balances Retrieve Essential Personnel Mission.


  • Helldivers 2 released the Patch 01.000.200 on April 2, 2024.
  • The Patch focuses on gameplay balances and several bug fixes.
  • Patch 01.000.200 has made the Retrieve Essential Personnel objective relatively easy for higher levels.

Helldivers 2 releases yet another patch, i.e., Patch 01.000.200, making several balance changes.

The changes and fixes are widely visible in enemies, weapons, strategies, and missions.

One of the considerable changes is decreasing the difficulty rating of Retieve Essential Personnel.

Start Retrieve Essential Personnel Mission To Rescue Science Team In Helldivers 2

One of the missions where players need to extract Scientis as quickly as possible is Retrieve Essential Personnel.

Retrieve Essential Personnel belongs to the significant order, where players must defeat Automatons.

Players must clear the swarm of enemies and rescue 60 facility staff from the Draupnir planet in the X-zar sector. These staff members are crucial to the war effort against alien forces.

Completing the mission will take players approximately 15 minutes, however survival should be the main priority.

The presence of relentless enemy bots add a layer of complexity and danger to the mission
The presence of relentless enemy bots adds a layer of complexity and danger to the mission.

Botas, Tank, and Hulks are potent creatures you should challenge on the Draupnir to rescue the scientists.

Retrieve Essential Personnel Mission Made Easier After Patch 01.000.200?

Helldivers 2’s new “Retrieve Essential Personnel” mission can pose significant challenges.

It’s a true test of skill and determination; players will face relentless waves of enemy bots.

These endless bots make the mission of ‘Retrieve Essential Personnel’ extremely challenging.

Reddit discussion about the Retrieve Essential Personnel
Community discussion about the Retrieve Essential Personnel.

However, this sheer volume and persistence of the enemy forces has created an atmosphere of tension among the players.

Despite being a squad of experienced players, the relentless wave of bots makes success seem impossible.

Hence, some players speculate that the mission’s extreme difficulty serves a more profound purpose within the Helldivers universe.

Some believe it reflects the losing war the Helldivers are fighting against the Automaton enemy. 

Similarly, the size and layout of the mission map can mislead players regarding the required loadout and objective location.

However, after the latest Patch: 01.000.200, the mission is easier than earlier patches.

Unlike previous missions, players will only need to save less than 60 civilians, but only for those on a high level.

Moreover, the new patch shifts the spawn locations of all the enemies, including Hulks, Botas, and Tanks.

The farther spawn points will provide a fair advantage for the players to rescue all the science teams.

Rescuing Civilians In Retrieve Essential Personnel Mission In Helldivers 2

Despite overwhelming odds, some players have achieved victory in the Retrieve Essential Personnel mission.

Here are some strategies that will help to increase the chance of success in the Retrieve Essential Personnel mission,

Team Composition 

Players must form a well-balanced team with diverse load-outs to succeed in the mission.

They need perfect coordination and endgame equipment to win it, even on the lower middle difficulties.

Weapons And Loadouts 

In Helldivers 2, selecting the appropriate weapons and loadout is important to secure victory.

Players must consider bringing stratagems such as Arc Thrower, Eagle 500KG Bomb, and Shield Generator Pack for added defence.

Similarly, they will shell the bots if they use Sentries, especially the EMS mortars and regular mortars.

However, players must equip the weapons with high accuracy and range to engage enemies from a distance effectively.

The SG-225 has a good range despite being a shotgun
The SG-225 has a good range despite being a shotgun.

Weapons such as the SG-225 Breaker Shotgun and Orbital bombardments can kill an entire group of enemies in a single devastating strike.

Communication And Coordination

Players must maintain clear and constant communication with their team to coordinate movements and to prioritize targets effectively.

To deploy them successfully, they must designate roles and responsibilities for each team member based on their load-outs and abilities.


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