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Once Human Invitation Code For Free Rewards

Freebies for a head start.


  • In Once Human’s Accept Invitation event, you can earn Bind Gift and Meeting Gift Pack.
  • You can also earn EXP buff from the event. To Enter the event, players should reach level 10.
  • To obtain the rewards, use the Bind option in Accept Invitation Tab under Events menu.

Once Human is a multiplayer survival game that launched on July 8, 2024, after multiple beta tests, the last being in April.

The game is available on multiple platforms, Windows, iOS, and Android, and has just added an Accept Invitation event for all users.

The event’s theme is “A Rallyfying Call. An Echo of Friendship”, where you can get free rewards using the Invitation code.

Use Code In Once Human Accept Invitation Event

If you are willing to earn the freebies fast, you might have to invest a little time in the early game, as players need to reach at least level 10 to earn the rewards.

Even though the deadline for the event is July 31, you can opt for an early game boost by the weapon rewards and the additional 10% EXP and Battle Pass EXP buff.

You can get the boost for Normal as well as an Advanced battle pass, which contains 60 levels.

Head To The Events Tab And Use Code

To claim the rewards faster, head to the Main Menu, tab on any of the currently available events, and click on Events.

event tab once human
Click on any event option. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You should then tap on Accept Invitation and Bind Option, respectively. In the Bind The Invitation Code option, you should enter the Valid invitation code.

If you don’t have a referral code, you can find plenty of them on official Once Human social platforms, including Discord and Reddit.

Single Invitation Code Works For Multiple Players

You can get your code by heading to the Events tab and inviting your friends or randoms. Using the code will grant rewards to both players after the invitation is accepted.

Moreover, a single code can work for over ten, but be sure to get the server details if you are willing to co-op.

Getting the rewards will help you progress through the early game faster and may help increase your chances of survival.

After reaching level 10, you can also use the Invitation code to join your teammate’s world or invite others more conveniently.

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