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Once Human Terms Of Service Demand Excessive Personal Information

Seems like too-much of a info.


  • Players have expressed concerns that Once Human acts like spyware, requesting far more personal information than necessary.
  • Government-issued IDs, such as passports and other verified lawful information, are some of the major information that players are unsure to provide.
  • The game includes a PvP mode, so developers seem to collect players’ data to ensure fair play, as the game clearly mentions a temporary or permanent ban on players using cheats.

Once Human is a multiplayer open-world survival game set in a strange, post-apocalyptic future.

This multiplayer game features a variety of monsters and battles, engaging players with stunning graphics and animation.

However, most players believe this survival game to be spyware because its terms of service are not clearly highlighted.

Once Human Terms Of Service

Once Human is a recently released action RPG developed by Starry Studio, NetEase Games, and Exptional Global.

Similar to other survival games, players can download Once Human from Steam and enjoy it.

However, some players express dissatisfaction with the game’s TOS, even though it is available on the reputed platform Steam.

Collection Of Personal Information

Once Human collects ID information from players to verify the accuracy of personal data provided. 

Collecting players’ personal info is not very uncommon in any game. However, the game asks for a government-issued ID and other verified lawful information, which may seem over the line.

Once human terms of services
Once Human Features stunning graphics and animation.

Players have also raised concerns over the difference between Once Human’s terms of service and those of other survival games.

Following this, players have expressed concerns that the game acts as spyware by requesting far more personal information than is necessary.

Moreover, some players suggest that the game’s high requirement is due to its being developed by a Chinese developer.

Players in countries like Korea and China must verify their government IDs before playing such survival games.

Even though the game is China-based, it would have been better to limit TOS and Privacy Policy to certain countries rather than global audiences.

Furthermore, the game features a PvP mode, so to ensure fair play, the developers seem to be collecting each player’s true data.

As the game clearly mentions, there will be a temporary or permanent ban on the players using cheats or any third-party code to benefit.

The chances of the game being spyware are low, but the information it collects could still be significant.

However, if any such issues are detected within the game, Steam may remove them from the source. Until then, players can still try to enjoy the game.

Nishan Dahal
Nishan Dahal
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