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“Action And Reaction” Rare Module In The First Descendant

Sterile Land offers a lots of modules!


  • Action and Reaction is a General Rounds module in The First Descendant with a Capacity Cost of 6.
  • This module is generally used to boost your Firearm Attack and increase Recoil.
  • Players can obtain this module from the Large Nuclear Reactor mission of Sterile Land in both Hard and Normal modes.

You can find 14 playable characters in The First Descendant, each with unique skills and abilities.

Players can customize and upgrade their characters’ overall performance using the in-game materials Module.

Players will find various modules throughout the game: Action and Reaction, Contagion, and Matrix Recomputation are some of them.

General Rounds Modules In The First Descendant

Modules are the upgrade materials in The First Descendant that enhance your character and weapons.

This looter-shooter game features various modules, each with a different class, including Descendant, General Rounds, and High-Power Rounds.

Module class in the first descendant
Select the Module Class and obtain it through this mission. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The table below shows some of the General Rounds modules, with their capacity cost and socket;

ModulesSocket TypeCapacity Cost
Action and ReactionMalachite6
Slow ArtMalachite6
Colon Special ForcesMalachite6
Normal Impact Rounds RefiningXantic5
Normal Special Rounds RefiningXantic5
Weak Point SightMalachite6
Better ConcentrationAlmandine6
Expand Weapon ChargeCerulean5

Each module possesses unique attributes and can be obtained through quests, progression, or map exploration.

Action And Reaction” Module In The First Descendant

Action and Reaction is one of the General Rounds Modules in The First Dscendant with Firearm ATK and Recoil effect.

This module can be obtained from different missions of Sterile Land in both Normal and Hard modes.

action and reaction first descendant
Click on the Acquisition Info to get the module location. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Large Nuclear Reactor is one of the major missions that offers Action And Reaction modules.

To start this mission, players can quickly travel to the Classified Area of the Sterile Land and investigate the large nuclear reactor.

Large Nuclear Reactor mission
Look out for enemy drops in the mission. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players may receive this module from the enemy’s drops during the battle. Thus, try to defeat as many enemies as you can.

Run in Large Nuclear Reactor mission to obtain the Action and Reaction module. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

In addition to this, the Anticipated Ambush Point and Patrol Route mission Monsters are some of the missions that also provide Action And Reaction modules.

Furthermore, after collecting this module, you can use it to enhance your descendant or combine it with the other three modules to craft a new one.

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