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Combine Modules In The First Descendant For Character And Weapon Upgrades

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  • Players should visit Silion in Albion to customize or combine modules in The First Descendant.
  • Players must combine any four modules to get a new one; however, the rarity of the module is not guaranteed.
  • If you use the four same module rarity, you will have higher chance of securing same rarity item.

The First Descendant offers numerous features, including modules and various crafting materials to upgrade Descendants and any weapon.

You can combine, dismantle, or boost the modules and obtain them via map exploration or quests.

You can find hundreds of modules, including Character-Specific, Ultimate, Rare, and Normal ones, each with unique attributes.

Combine Four Modules In The First Descendant

In First Descendant, you can increase the Module Slot capacity by increasing the Mastery Rank and even the weapons and Descendants.

If you are willing to sacrifice four modules to get a new one, you should rank up to Mastery Rank 9.

However, the combing module can be a hit or miss most of the time, as you are not guaranteed to get a stronger module or the one you want for your descendant.

Nonetheless, if you have four unused Weapon or Descendant modules, you can always combine them to try your luck.

Customize Modules At Albion

If you wish to Ehnace, Dismantle, or Combine the module, you should visit Silion, The Module Master in Albion.

Meet Silion at Albion. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Unfortunatley, the combing module has no specific mechanisms or possible rolls to obtain high-rarity items.

Nonetheless, you may land a handy module if you avoid using the duplicate item from your inventory.

Use The Same Module Type

If you just want to combine modules, slot four normal but different modules. Depending on the quantity, you can also use Transcendent, Rare, and Ultimate modules.

Players using the same module type will have a high chance of securing the exact module rarity.

Use the similar rarity module. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

However, combining the modules will also require thousands of golds, depending upon the item’s rarity and module slots.

For instance, using four transcendent modules will cost 20000 Gold and most probably result in the same rare module.

Whereas, if you pick four different module types, it will cost way less, but the chance of landing a high-rarity module is extremely low.

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