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Use MP Collector In The First Descendant To Recover Magic Points

An extremely low drop rate.


  • MP Collector is a Descendant Module that allows you to recover MP more effectively in The First Descendant.
  • This Descendant Module instantly recovers 12.2% of your Max MP at 4% chance after defeating the enemies in battle.
  • Besides this, Absolute Curse, Super Senses, and Nimble Fingers are some of the Modules that players will find in The First Descendant.

The First Descendant is a newly released cooperative third-person shooter game developed by NEXON Games Co., Ltd.

This looter-shooter game features various missions and locations from which players can collect different items to progress.

Moreover, Modules are the key items in The First Descendant that enhance character or weapon abilities; Midair Fire and MP Collecter are some of them.

Use Modules In The First Descendant To Customize Your Character

In The First Descendant, Modules are the essential materials that are used to enhance and customize your character abilities, skills, and performance.

Additionally, this material can be gained through different quests, enemy drops, or vendor items.

There are two main types of Modules, the Descendant and the Weapon Module, each having its own respective benefits.

modules in the  looter shooter game
Select a Module and use it to customize your character. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

These Modules are based on capacity cost, which is determined by each module’s mastery level.

Furthermore, players can find a variety of modules on the map of The First Descendant.

ModulesCapacity Cost
Absolute Curse14
Super Senses13
Superconductive Bombing16
Superconductivity Charge6
MP Collector6
MP Conversion5
HP Collector 6
Nimble Fingers5
Neurotoxin Synthesis6

MP Collector In First Descendant

When players defeat the enemies during the battle, MP Collector instantly recovers 12.2% of their Max MP with a 4% chance.

Furthermore, the mission in Vespers of The First Descendant is the most effective one for getting an MP Collector.

MP collector the first descendant
Participate in the mission to get the MP Collector. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Magic Points in The First Descendant is a resource that allows you to use special abilities, spells, and skills.

When players use MP in their descendants or weapons, the MP Bar slowly drains. So, players need to collect MP Orbs from the different map locations.

mission in the first descendant
Look out for MP Orbs during different missions. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Additionally, players can find these MP Orbs as a reward for completing different Battlefield missions.

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