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Encrypted Storage Box In The First Descendant To Craft Materials

Two valuable clues!


  • Vespers and Agna Desert are the best locations to farm Encrypted Storage Boxes in The First Descendant.
  • Tapping the Desendant materials will display location and missions to obtain them.
  • You can scan and track the Storage Box by facing the correct direction and hearing the beeping sound.

The encrypted storage box is one of the crucial materials used to unlock new descendants and complete the quests.

Unlike other crafting materials, the storage box is relatively hidden or located at the high grounds.

You can find items such as cooling metallic foil, complex carbon activator, kuiper shard, and charging coil.

Use Scanner To Track Encrypted Storage Box In The First Descendant

Encrypted Storage Box contains crafting items to build one or more Descendant Parts.

If you want to extract the Storage box, you can simply tap the required material and view the probable locations or tasks to obtain them.

For Instance, if you want to craft a Gley Stabilizer, you will require Metal Accerlant, Flectorite, Complex Carbon Activator, and Gley Stabilizer Blueprint.

If you click Complex Carbon Activator material, you can see the difficulty and required mission.

complex carbon activator the first descendant encrypted storage box
Tab the item to view additional information for extraction. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You can use the Descendant Material tab in the research institute after requesting access from Magisters Anais if you are searching for any material to unlock Descendant.

Use Ecive Scanner To Locate Boxes

You can explore different locations for random storage boxes; however, try scanning Agna Desert and Vespers for a high success rate.

agna desert the first descendant
Head to Agna Desert to track the Encrypted Vault. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you head to the location or play the quest for the crafting materials, use the Tab button to scan the surroundings.

If you are facing the chest direction, a sound beep will appear, no matter the distance. But the noise gets louder as you reach closer to the item.

However, it also comes with a cost, as you will not hear the sound even if the storage is under a 10m radius if you are facing the wrong direction.

Follow The Sound Direction

You can slowly follow in the sound direction and locate a blue square hologram icon on the map. The box should be in close proximity to the hologram.

blue square hologram the first descendant
Blue Hologram suggests the box is closer. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Unfortunatley, even with the clue, tracking the vault is extremely difficult, probably due to the rarity of items inside.

encrypted storage box the first descendant
Use the Code Breaker to open the Storage box. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you get to the storage box, you will require a code analyzer, which can be found especially on Echo Swamp, Vespers, and Sterile Land.

Unlike other crafting materials, the boxes are unrandomized and spawn after a specific period of time.

You can always recollect them, but be sure to pin the location on the map. Moreover, you can also try co-op to farm the item fast.

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