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Matrix Recomputation Module In The First Descendant For Ajax

A monster mission exclusive module.


  • Matrix Recomputation is a transcendent module that modifies the Expulsion skill to cast a buff that helps allies survive.
  • Players will get this module from Kingston Grand Square and Agna Desert Ossuary in normal and hard mode.
  • The capacity cost of the module is 16 and is suitable for the descendant Ajax and Ultimate Ajax.

The First Descendant features a variety of characters that can be enhanced and upgraded with the ingame item called Modules.

Players will find various kinds of Modules throughout The First Descendant map, each with unique abilities and rarity.

Moreover, Void Charge, Body Enhancement, and Matrix Recomputation are some of the Modules that you can find.

Use Modules In The First Descendant To Upgrade Your Characters

In The First Descendant, modules are socketable upgrades that can be installed in Descendants and weapons.

Each module enhances some aspect of your descendant abilities, stats, and overall performance.

Modules in the first descendant
Use the modules to enhance your characters. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moreover, each module has a socket type, rarity, and class, and its capacity cost is determined by its mastery level.

Some modules are mostly suitable for some of the descendants only and can be used to enhance specific characters.

ModuleRarityExclusive ForSocket Type
Body EnhancementTranscendantAjaxAlmandine
Matrix RecomputationTranscendentAjax, Ultimate AjaxCerulean
Multi-ManeuveringUltimateSub WeaponMalachite
Void ChargeTranscendentAjaxAlmandine
MultitalentedUltimateArche TechMalachite

Players can obtain these modules by participating in different missions, from loot drops and vendor items.

Furthermore, these modules can also be found while progressing through the main story of the game. Thus, look out for it in your way.

Matrix Recomputation In The First Descendant

Matrix Recomputation is one of the transcendent modules that is primarily suitable for Ajax and Ultimate Ajax.

Players will get this module from Kingston Grand Square and Agna Desert Ossuary of The First Descendant Map.

Kingston in the first descendant
Start the mission in Kingston and get the module. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moreover, Matrix Recomputation can also be obtained by running different monster missions in Kingston and the Agna Desert.

mission in the first descendant
Run the Magister Lab mission to obtain Matrix Recomputation. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The Magister Lab mission is one of the missions where you will get Matrix Recomputation. Thus, try out this mission multiple times until you get the module.

Matrix Precomputation in the first descendant
Look out for the module throughout the mission. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You might receive this module at the start of the mission, in the middle, or at the end, as it is not specified. So, look out for it throughout the mission.

Furthermore, once you collect this module, you can combine it with the other three modules, such as Void Explosion and Body Enhancement, to get a new and stronger one.

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