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Infiltrate Zone Recon Mission In The First Descendant

Enemy Spawn seems bugged.


  • You can disable the Surveillance Tower in Zone Recon Mission to increase the timer.
  • To complete the mission, players must destroy the Vulgus Power unit without being detected.
  • You can farm the Recon mission by teleporting to new map and entering the quest again.

The First Descendant offers numerous quests, including Zone Recon, Calling of the Descendants, Colossi, Special Operation, and Infiltration Operation.

Players can unlock the quests by completing requirements, exploring different locations, or choosing a specific character.

Zone Recon is a reconnaissance mission that can be completed without beating enemies, but you need immense stealth.

Zone Recon Mission In The First Descendant

The Recon is probably one of the hardest missions in The First Descendant, as you need a decent build to avoid being detected by the enemy.

recon mission the first descendant

Use Sharan For Stealth

If you are starting the mission, initially try to increase the Skill Duration for longer Stealth Time. Sharen can be handy during the mission due to her invisibility skills.

skill extension module
Use the Skill Extension module. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moreover, you should also change the map setting to Public From Private To avoid randoms destroying the tanks and towers.

In the missions, players must neutralize and infiltrate the power units to earn additional rewards in the missions.

Disable Power Circuit

Once you enter the mission, you should first try to find and Disable the Surveillance towers, which are randomly scattered on the map.

If you have unlocked Sharan, the mission can be quite easy, as you can disable the power unit easily using invisibility and kill the Boss to get additional rewards.

recon mission the first descendant
Operate the devices in the Recon mission. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

However, for other characters, this might get tricky, as the enemy spawns seem bugged; They spawn immediately when you kill one off.

If you are spotted, you must kill the enemy and wait for the timer to reset. Even if you try hiding, the enemies will most probably spot you.

So, the best way to complete the mission is to enable co-op and use Bunny with Skill Damage, Skill Zone, and Skill Module.

You can also farm the Infiltrate Zone Missions by fast-traveling off of the current region to get a loading screen and enter the mission again to avoid the five-minute timer.

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