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How To Get Valby Code In The First Descendant?

Add a new character in your slot!


  • Valby Code has a drop rate of 38% if players use the Pattern 006. You can also use Pattern 032 to increase their chance of drop.
  • In order to unlock Valby code, players must collect Manor Shards, compound coating materials, murky residue, Valby Catalyst, hardener material and crypted circuit.
  • Players must travel to the Void Fragment, destroy the electric destructible fragment and interact with interactive station.

Valby is a Constant DPS Non-Attribute character who excels at dealing continuous damage and freely moving through her Water Arche.

To gain Valby, players must collect the Valby parts scattered all over the maps, such as Valby Enhanced Shell, Valby Stabilizer, Valby Spiral Catalyst, and Valby Code.

Moreover, the Valby code represents a combination of resources necessary to request and gain the character Valby.

Unlock Valby In The First Descendant

If you unlock Valby codes, you will gain a powerful ally who can turn the tide in battles.

Thus, if you need to unlock the Valby,  you’ll need a combination of Valby Parts, which can be gained after collecting all required resources for individual parts.

Repton, Superfluid Data, Processing Neural Circuits, and Blueprints are required to craft Enhanced Cells.

Different Valby parts need unique components to construct them. Thus, players should collect them wisely.

 Manor Shards in Kingston
Obtain the Manor Shards in Kingston. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Collect The Materials

You need to obtain the Manor Shards from resource boxes or munitions boxes in Kingston.

Thus, scan the area and look for white diamond markers. However, each box yields over 135 Manor Shards.

Further, head to Echo Swamp and find resource boxes or munitions boxes to collect around 90 compound coating materials per box.

 valby code materials
Collect the materials. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moreover, players must farm a mission (preferably 5 minutes or less) to obtain murky residue; repeat until you have enough.

For Valby Catalyst, players need to obtain metal accelerant from resource boxes in Sterile Land (around 115 per box).

Similarly, collect the Hardener visiting Vespers (usually 100 to 200 per box). Finally, choose a short mission (e.g., Echo Swamp Hazy Swamp) to obtain crypted circuit material.

Valby Enhanced Cells Blueprint
Obtain the Valby Enhanced Cells Blueprint. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Unlock The Amorphous Material

You must find the Void Fragment, where you must destroy the electric destructible fragment using the appropriate skill.

This will reward players with Monomer Void Shards and Polymer Void Shards. Once you have the Monomer and Polymer Void Shards, head to the Void Fusion Reactor near the Void Fragment.

Echo Swamp Hazy Swamp
Perform an Echo Swamp Hazy Swamp to obtain encrypted circuit material. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Remember, you may have to face level 10 items, where you’ll need 12 Monomer Void Shards and 3 Polymer Void Shards; defeat the boss to obtain the necessary shards.

After defeating the boss, an interactive station will appear, interact with it and select the amorphous material (Pattern 006) you obtained before. Significantly, there’s a 38% drop rate for the elusive Valby Code.

Moreever, players can tryout pattern 032 in order to double the chance to gain Valby Code.

Valby code
Destroy the electric destructible fragment using the appropriate skill. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you have all the crafting materials, you can visit Anais at Albion and Request research to unlock Valby by investing eight hours and 200000 Golds.

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