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“Contagion” Module In The First Descendant For Freyna

A character exclusive module.


  • Contagion is one of the transcendent modules that enhance Freyna’s toxic skills in The First Descendant.
  • This toxic material can be obtained from the Dead Bride Intercept Battles in the Hard Mode.
  • The capacity cost of the module is 17, which can be reduced by leveling up the Mastery Rank.

You can find various module types in The First Descendant, including Transcendent, Rare, Ultimate, and Normal.

Each module shares unique attributes and can be earned through quests, progression, or map exploration.

Further, Veteran’s Tactics, Contagion, and Battle of Stamina are some of the modules exclusive to Freyna.

Suitable Modules For Freyna In The First Descendant

Freyna is one of the 14 playable characters in The First Descendant that players can craft by collecting four different materials.

  • Freyna Enhanced Cells: Obtained from ” The Shelter” mission of Vespers at Normal Mode.
  • Freyna Spiral Catalyst: Ruins Underground mission in Vespers at Normal Mode.
  • Freyna Stabilizer: Runin Path mission in Vespers at Normal Mode.
  • Freyna Code: Void Fusion Reactor mission in Sterile Land Rockfall Zone.

Once players have all these materials, they need to invest 400,000 gold and conduct research with Anais to get Freyna.

Freyna in the first Descendant
Craft Freyna and use her module to enhance her skills. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moreover, after obtaining Freyna, players can use her modules to enhance their abilities and skills.

Some modules are suitable for Freyna, and you can find them in the game’s main story and mission.

Furthermore, the table below shows Modules for Freyna with Capacity cost and Socket Type;

ModuleCapacity Cost Socket Type
Neurotoxin Synthesis16Xantic
Venom Synthesis15Rutile
Toxic Stimulation14Cerulean

The capacity cost of these modules can be decreased by increasing your character Mastery Level.

Furthermore, you can get these modules by participating in multiple missions in different locations.

Contagion” Module In The First Descendant

Contagion is one of the modules in The First Descendant suitable for Freyna, and it enhances her toxic skills.

The module increases her Toxic skill power based on the number of nearby enemies afflicted with Poison.

freyna skills in the first descendant
Use modules to increase Freyna’s toxic skills. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Furthermore, players can obtain this module by running the Dead Bride Intercept mission in the Hard mode.

You must defeat Dead Bride in the Mission. Moreover, you might need to repeat this mission at a certain time to get the Contagion module.

Moreover, players can get this module by completing the requirements via the module Acquisition Info.

To access Acquisition Info, you open the World Map, select Access Info, click on the Modules screen, and select the module.

Furthermore, once you have this module, you can use it to enhance your character or combine it with three other modules to create a new one.

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