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P19 Redeemer: Best Secondary Weapon In Helldivers 2?

Choose your firepower wisely.


  • P19 Redeemer is one of the best seconday weapons four your loadout.
  • The secondary gun acts both as a pistol and SMG dur to its auto fire feature.
  • P19 Redeemer pistol is purchasable for just five medals.

In Helldivers 2, having one essential weapon in your arsenal in any fight can turn the tide, and one such tool is the P19 Redeemer.

Furthermore, it is one of the best secondary weapons, renowned for its versatility and high firepower.

To get the P19 Redeemer, players need to purchase it at Acquisitions for five Medals.

P19 Redeemer In Helldivers: Full Auto Secondary Weapon

The P19 Redeemer is a secondary weapon in Helldivers 2, which has a fully automatic functionality and exceptional fire rate.

Likewise, it is designed for efficient crowd control; this pistol packs a punch despite its compact size.

Furthermore, the secondary gun has a damage output of 60 and a capacity of 31.

P19 Redeemer
P-19 Redeemer stats in Helldivers 2. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

It is a reliable choice for players seeking to lay down suppressive fire while maneuvering through enemy territory.

How To Get P19 Redeemer In Helldivers 2?

To unlock the P19 Redeemer in Helldivers 2, players need to purchase it at Acquisitions for 5 Medals.

These Medals can be earned by completing missions, leveling up, and participating in events within the game.

Once unlocked, it can be found on the loadout screen and equipped as a secondary weapon with the Pistol Perk.

Likewise, it can also synergize with other primary weapons that can deal heavy damage.

Unlock the P-19 Redeemer
Unlock the P-19 Redeemer by purchasing at Acquisitions for 5 Medals in Helldivers 2. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Advantages Of P19 Redeemer In Helldivers 2

Here are some of the advantages:

High Fire Rate

The P-19 Redeemer boasts an impressive high fire rate of 1100 rounds per minute.

Furthermore, it allows players to unleash a relentless hail of bullets on the enemies.

Efficient Crowd Control

The P-19 Redeemer is a fully automatic functionality that excels at clearing out swarms of enemies.

Likewise, making it an invaluable asset during intense firefights.

Light Armor Penetration

The P-19 Redeemer armor-penetrating capabilities are effective against a wide range of enemy types.

Similarly, it can penetrate from lightly armored infantry to more formidable adversaries.

Disadvantages Of P19 Redeemer In Helldivers 2

Here are some of the disadvantages:

Limited Range

The P-19 Redeemer is formidable up close but suffers from reduced effectiveness at longer distances.

Moreover, it requires players to close the gap to maximize its potential.

Ammo Consumption

The P-19 Redeemer has a high fire rate that can quickly deplete its ammunition reserves.

Which requires frequent reloads and careful ammo management during extended engagements.

Moderate Recoil

The P-19 Redeemer has a compact size that can exhibit a moderate recoil.

Furthermore, it requires players to exercise control to maintain accuracy, especially during sustained bursts of fire.

Tips For Using The P19 Redeemer Effectively

Here are some of the tips for using one of the best secondary weapons in Helldivers 2:

Burst Fire

To mitigate recoil and conserve ammunition, use short bursts rather than holding down the trigger continuously.

This approach enhances accuracy while prolonging your ammunition supply.

Close Quarters Combat

The P19 Redeemer’s strengths can be capitalized by engaging enemies in close-quarters combat.

Likewise, utilizes its high fire rate and armor-penetrating capabilities.

Use cover and maneuverability to your advantage to close the distance and unleash devastating firepower.

Close-quarters combat in Helldivers 2
The P-19 Redeemer capitalized by engaging enemies in close-quarters combat. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Ammo Management

Players need to stay vigilant about their ammunition reserves and reload whenever opportunities arise.

You can also carry extra ammunition or utilize support options to replenish your supplies during combat.

Furthermore, it ensures you’re always ready to get into the battle.

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