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“The Fabled Magnetic Cube Mechanics Prelude” Daily Quest Of Wuthering Waves 1.1

Move the Magnetic Box!


  • The Fabled Magnetic Cube Mechanics-Prelude” is a daily quest in WuWa, players can eventually get in 1.1.
  • Apart from this, players can find a similar named side quest, “The Fabled Magnetic Cube Mechanics-1,” from Tiger’s Maw Mine.
  • Players can start this quest by interacting with Rambling and Wandering Engineer.

Wuthering Waves has finally brought its latest update, Version 1.1: Thaw of Eons, on June 28, 2024.

With this new update, this action RPG has introduced new quest characters and many more exciting features.

Glorious Loong’s Pearl”  and “The Fabled Magnetic Cube Mechanics-Prelude” are some of the quests in this update.

The Fabled Magnetic Cube Mechanics 1

The Fabled Magnetic Cube Mechanics – 1 is one of the Side Quest in Wuthering Waves Version 1.1.

Players can find this side quest at the bottom of Tiger’s Maw Mine south of Jinzhou.

Tiger Maw Wuthering waves
Start the quest with Tiger Maw. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you are in the quest location, players will encounter Rambling and Wandering Engineer in front of a steel door.

Players should interact with the engineer and complete the series of objectives to succeed in the quest.

Engineer in wuthering waves
Talk to the engineer to progress forward. (Source: Screen Play Mag)

The first objective you must complete in this quest is to follow Mizhi to the Mechanics.

You need to move towards the upper level of the Mine you are in. You can also use the elevator for this.

After reaching the upper area, you must follow the blue marker leading you toward the Mizhi.

Mizhi in wurthering waves
Interact with Mizhi and progress. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you talk to the Mizhi, you must solve several Mechanics to complete the quest and get rewards.

Solve The First Mechanics

After talking to Mizhi, you will see the magnetic Cube around the area. To solve the mechanics, you need to move it toward the correct magnetic conveyors.

To move the Cube, you can use your basic attack skills in the correct direction and solve the mechanics; for this, you can follow the below steps;

  • Move the Cube to the South Side
  • To the South Side
  • To the West Side
Magnetic cube the fabled magnetic cube mechanics prelude
Move the magnetic Cube. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)
  • To the North Side
  • To the West Side
  • To the South Side

Once you reach the endpoint, the mechanics will be solved. After this, you must report to the Mizhi for the next objective.

Solve The Second Mechanics

The second mechanic you need to solve is similar to the first one. But here, you will face some barriers in your way.

To solve this mechanic, you must move the Cube to the North Side two times and then again move it to the West Side and the South.

move the cube
Solve the second mechanic to move forward. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you reach the South, which is the end, you will also solve the second mechanic. After this, you can report to the Mizhi for the next.

Solve the Third Mechanics

The third mechanic is a bit tougher than the previous one, as you need to interact with the control panel and face barriers to solve.

You can start to solve these mechanics by destroying the two boxes that you will find progress toward the control panel, and follow the steps;

the fabled magnetic cube mechanics prelude
Solve the final mechanics. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)
  • Interact with Control Panel
  • Move the Cube to the East, South, and then to the West twice
  • Interact with the Control Panel
  • Move the Cube to the South Side and then to the East Side

After you are done solving the last mechanics, report to Mizhi and finish this side quest by receiving the following rewards;

  • Union Experience x100
  • Astrite x10
  • Medium Resonance Potion x1
  • Medium Sealed Tube x1

Furthermore, after completing The Fabled Magnetic Cube Mechanics 1, you can move towards its second part, which will be unlocked after 24 hours.

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