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Courtesy Of The Brotherhood Of Steel From Fallout To Fortnite

Fusion of Fortnite’s gameplay with the gritty and survivalist elements of Fallout.


  • An exciting collaboration between Fortnite and Fallout is set to bring the courtesy of the Brotherhood of Steel to Fortnite’s new season, “Wrecked.”
  • The upcoming Fortnite season “Wrecked,” hints at a post-apocalyptic world that resonates with the Fallout universe
  • Leaks suggest new gameplay features like car hijacking and special challenges related to the Fallout collaboration.

The famous Brotherhood of Steel is ready to take across Fortnite’s battlefields, and it is much awaited.

With the recent success of the Fallout TV series, the crossover’s timing couldn’t be better. Fans are eagerly awaiting the release of Brotherhood of Steel.

However, in the Fallout series, it is a symbol of military force and technological power, will soon get influenced on Fortnite.

Brotherhood of Steel In Fallout 4

The Brotherhood of Steel is a military order and a part of a larger organization in the Fallout series; leading by Elder Arthur Maxson.

Significantly, they are concerned with acquiring and preserving pre-War technology and knowledge.

Moreover, if players join the Brotherhood, they can complete specific quests and gain access to Power Armor and other military tech.

courtesy of the brotherhood of steel
The Brotherhood of Steel is a military order. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Everyone knows the Brotherhood of Steel for its hierarchical structure, military skills, and commitment to protecting breakthrough technologies.

Players can, however, engage with the Brotherhood’s prestigious impact while they navigate the challenges of the “Wrecked” season in Fortnite.

Fortnite Collabs With Fallout For Courtesy Of The Brotherhood Of Steel Title

Fortnite will very soon launch an exciting collaboration with Fallout and will feature the Courtesy of the Brotherhood of Steel.

A new season of Fortnite, Chapter 5 Season 3, with the title “Wrecked,” is launching on May 24, 2024 with the confirmation of Fallout content.

However, everyone assumes a Brotherhood of Steel skin will be available for purchase.

Fans are also speculating that music from the series and other skins from the game could be included in the crossover.

Such a crossover would fit pretty well into the rumors surrounding the post-apocalyptic theme of the new season.

Wrecked will include the Fallout content.

Further, with the success of the recent Fallout TV series, there’s a lot of anticipation to see what this is all about.

Theme Of Wrecked

Wrecked suggests a post-apocalyptic setting, which matches perfectly with the Fallout universe.

Moreover, teaser images and grame leaks hints a wasteland theme, which may transform the Fortnite map into a battle-scarred landscape.

Wrecked Storyline

This season’s theme might focus on a war between the Greek gods and mortals in Fortnite’s universe.

Further, voice lines from The Oracle, hint at impending doom with references to black skies and choking dust.

Contrarily, this narrative may lead to a war-torn map settings for players to explore and survive in.

New Features Of Wrecked

The leaks also suggest adding the car hijack feature which can bring new dynamics to the gameplay.

car hijacking
New gameplay features car hijacking and special challenges. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

This can be part of the broad theme of scavenging and survival in a wrecked world.

Challenges Related To Fallout Fortnite Collaboration

There are special challenges and events anticipated for the Fallout Fortnite collaboration. 

In-Game Cosmetic Items: On analysing the leaks and trailer, a skin based on the gas mask character can be seen. This may be one of the in-game cosmetic options that fans can expect.

Sci-Fi Skins And POIs: The collaboration may add a wide range of sci-fi skins and probably POIs referencing the Wasteland from the Fallout series.

Character Skins: The crossover may feature characters inspired by the Courtesy of the Brotherhood of Steel or characters from the Fallout TV show.

Point Of Interest (POI): There may be a new Fallout-themed POI on the map of Chapter 5 Season 3, depending on the extent of the crossover.

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