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Gather Three Murals And A Statue To Succeed At The Mounds Of Madness Quest Of Gray Zone Warfare

Step into the arboreal region to begin your journey.


  • To compete At the Mounds of Madness quest, the player should collect three murals and one disturbing statue.
  • The quest At the Mounds Of Madness has part 2 as well; players can follow up on part two after successfully completing part one.
  • This mission is part of the Artisan vendor, whose last missions include Native Negotiations and Helping Hand.

Gray Zone Warfare quest “At The Mounds of Madness” involves a journey to extract multiple items.

If you are looking for the quest at the mounds of madness, you can interact with the Mithras Security Systems (MSS) faction.

The intense tactical FPS game Gray War Zone offers various quests for players of each faction, including New Neighbours and Helping Hands.

At The Mounds Of Madness Quest In Gray Zone Warfare

One of Gray Zone Warfare’s quests is “At The Mounds of Madness,” which tests your ability to navigate different locations and find specific items.

The task allows you to find three hidden murals and one disturbing statue, which are spread in the dense forest of LZ India.


Players can start their murals hunting journey through LZ India 1 or LZ India 2, as the two murals are nearby.

The map coordinate for one of the murals around LZ India 1 is 205-135, where you will find a big wooden wall with spider markings.

At The Mounds Of Madness  quest
Collect mural with spider painting.  (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Likewise, the second mural is located at LZ India 2, at map coordinates 205-137, where you can see a big wall with ghost paintings.

You can follow the second mural by taking the southwest turn of the warehouse located around the area.

second mural of At The Mounds Of Madness  quest
Collect the ghost painting as a second mural. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Moving on to the third and last, the wooden wall with paintings of Monkeyman located at map coordinates 206-138 serves as the third mural.

third mural of At The Mounds Of Madness  quest
Collect mural with monkey-man painting. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After finding all three murals, players can move on to the hunt for the last item of the quest, a disturbing statue.

Disturbing Statue

Finding a statue may be more complex than finding the murals, as the statue is hidden around the dense forest.

However, after finding all the murals, players can find the statue around the corner of the river in the eastern part of LZ India 1.

While searching for a statue at the riverside, you will find the red-blue boat; right next to it, you will find the disturbing statue on the map coordinates 207-137.

last item for the quest At The Mounds Of Madness  gray zone warfare
Collect the disturbing statue as the last item for the quest. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After finding all the required items of the At The Mounds Of Madness quest, you will finally complete the quest.

After its completion, the player will receive some reward following items as a reward,

  • Mosin (S)
  • 1000 experience points
  • 150 reputation

Overall, you can use the rewards from this mission for other quests and to upgrade your armor with new items from the shop.

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