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Link Monopoly Go Sticker App With Monopoly Go Account

Share stickers with your friends.


  • Trade stickers using Monopoly Go sticker app in the trading section.
  • Browse your friends’ collections in the trading section and send them trade requests.
  • Accept other requests and complete trades to expand your sticker collection

Monopoly Go game now brings the Monopoly Go sticker app for players, and everyone is eager to link their account with it.

In this sticker app, players can send trading requests to each other and decide which stickers they want to swap.

The Monopoly Go Sticker app is great for engaging the Monopoly community via sticker trading.

What Is Monopoly Go Sticker App?

Monopoly Go is a popular virtual board game that brings the classic board game to our digital devices.

Players enjoy buying and selling properties, rolling dice for rewards, and bankrupting other players in Monopoly Go.

However, there are more interesting things coming to Monopoly Go, which is making players excited for it.

Lately, Monopoly Go introduced the Monopoly Go sticker app for the players, and everyone is eager to use it.

Monopoly Go sticker app
Both Android and IOS users can download the sticker app via Google Play Store or App Store.

The sticker app makes the game more exciting and fun by letting players collect and trade stickers.

Moreover, the sticker app is an extension of the game where players can collect and trade stickers with each other.

Players can use the stickers from the sticker app to customize their in-game profiles and showcase their unique styles.

Whether you are a fan of cute animal stickers, funny face stickers, or cool designs of stickers, then this app has stickers for everyone.

Trade Stickers With Monopoly Go Sticker App

The Monopoly Sticker app lets you swap stickers with your friends to complete your sticker collection or album.

Sticker trading is the best way to complete the sticker album in Monopoly Go.

This is because many players get the same stickers twice or thrice in the game, so they have duplicate stickers.

However, sticker trading allows players to exchange their duplicate stickers with one another, which ultimately benefits both sides.

Both the players who trade duplicate stickers with each other will get a new sticker for their sticker album that they do not have.

This means you can now get the special and rare stickers you have been wanting forever in Monopoly Go within the app.

Monopoly Go Sticker App: How To Link?

To use the Monopoly Go Sticker app, you must first link your Monopoly Go account with it.

Hence, you might wonder how to link the app to your Monopoly Go account.

Trade stickers with friends with the sticker app
Players can send trade requests to each other to swap stickers through the app.

The process for linking the Monopoly Go app with your account is as below:

  1. Install the Monopoly Go game and the Monopoly Go Sticker App on your device.
  2. Find the sticker app both on the App Store and Google Play Store.
  3. Launch the Monopoly Go game and log into your account.
  4. Go to the settings or profile section of the game.
  5. In the settings or profile section, look for an option like Link Sticker App or Connect Sticker App.
  6. Click the option and get prompted to enter your login credentials for the sticker app.
  7. Enter your login credentials; the two apps will link with each other.
  8. Access your sticker collection from the Monopoly Go game to the app.
  9. Now that your accounts are linked, you can start using your stickers in the game.
  10. Go to your profile or settings menu and select the option to customize your profile.
  11. Choose which stickers you want to display and how to arrange them. 

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