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Relativism: Hunter Exotic Rolls In Destiny 2

Need a better roll? Keep farming!


  • Relativism Cloak is an Exotic class item for Hunters with two perk types in Destiny 2: The Final Shape.
  • Players can obtain this item after competing the Dual Destiny mission.
  • The Exotic class item has 16 perks it can roll with, split equally in each column.

Exotic class items are a new addition to Destiny 2: The Final Shape that players can acquire to upgrade the guardians.

These items have powerful perks and are specific to the Prismatic subclass to boost your character.

Relativism Cloak and Essentialism are some of the Exotic class items for Hunters in Destiny 2.

Relativism: Hunter Exotic Cloak Has Two Sets Of Perks In Destiny 2

Exotic class items for Hunters in “Destiny 2: The Final Shape” are special gear pieces with powerful perks to enhance the Prismatic subclass.

Once you complete the Dual Destiny mission, you can get these items and build up your character.

The Relativism Cloak features random rolls, which means each item will have different perks.

These items feature two different Exotic perks from your favorite Exotic Armor and are designed to be used with Prismatic builds.

Here is the list of different perks for the Relativism Clock for Hunter,

First Column Perks

Spirit of AssassinFinishers and powered melee final blows grant invisibility.
Inmost LightUsing an ability empowers the other two abilities, improving energy regeneration.
Ophidian Weapons are ready very quickly.
DragonUsing your class ability, reload all weapons and increase weapon handling speeds.
GalanorHits and final blows with your Super will return Super energy after it ends.
FoetracerDamaging a powerful combatant or Guardian with an ability grants you a temporary damage bonus for weapons matching that ability’s element.
CalibanPowered melee final blows trigger an ignition.
RenewalAllies inside the Duskfield take reduced damage, and targets inside the area deal reduced damage.

Second Column Perks

Spirit of the Star-EaterWeapon final blows with a damage type matching your grenade grant a stacking damage bonus.
SynthocepsImproved melee damage when you’re surrounded.
VerityWeapon final blows with a damage type matching your grenade grant a stacking grenade damage bonus.
CyrtarachneGain Woven Mail when you use your grenade.
GyrfalconYour Void weapons gain Volatile Rounds after you emerge from being invisible.
LiarDealing damage with a powered melee or being hit by a melee attack will allow you to follow up with an extremely powerful melee counterpunch.
WormhuskDodging gives a small health and shield bump.
Sixth CoyoteGain an additional class ability charge.

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These perks combine with the Prismatic subclass and can significantly enhance your gameplay depending on the combination you get.

Perks in destiny 2
Combine the perks to get the best rolls. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The combination of Spirit of the Assassin and Spirit of the Star-Eater might give you the best rolls, as both are the best perks you can find.

However, you may not get the desirable rolls every time. Thus, it shall be effective to repeatedly farm the Exotic Class item to get your choice of rolls.

Overall, the environment you are playing in and your playstyle will determine the best rolls you can have, so play wisely.

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