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All Overthrow Bosses Location In Destiny 2: The Final Shape

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  • The Pale Heart has nine Overthrow Bosses around The Impasse, The Blooming, and The Landing.
  • Each location has three Overthrown Bosses; defeat them to retrieve one Motes of Light each.
  • You will need 17 Motes of Light to upgrade the Khvostov; the other eight can be obtained from Visions of the Traveler.

Overthrow Bosses are found in the Pale Heart, the new location, while playing the Overthrow Activity in Destiny 2’s The Final Shape.

The Bosses are crucial to upgrading the Legendary Khvostov Auto-Rifle to the Exotic version.

However, Overthrow Bosses don’t appear instantly; you must progress through the very end in The Final Shape.

Overthrow Bosses Location In The Pale Heart

Players can find nine Overthrow Bosses in the expansion, three each in The Impasse, The Blooming, and The Landing.

You should initially get past the main campaign, which consists of eight missions, including Incococlam, Ascent, and Temptation.

You must also find the lost encryption bit from the Pale Heart and complete six cyst missions.

After collecting the 15 lost encryption bits, you will obtain the encryption code and finally add Legendary Khovostov to your Inventory after landing in The Impasse.

Collect Motes Of Light Through Overthrow Bosses

Once you get the weapon, you should find the eight Visions of the Traveler scattered in the Pale Heart.

You should also obtain 17 Motes of Light to upgrade the weapon, where eight of them can be extracted via Visions of the Traveler and nine via Overthrow Bosses.

Here are the nine booses you can find in three different locations of the Pale Heart;

The LandingIR Okmarr, Devoted to Savathun
Nolakh, Star-Eater
Mharuk, Sky-Stealer
The ImpasseRhaska, Subjugator of Thresholds
Rhuna, Subjugator of Chasms
Araaxen, Reverent of the Witness
The BloomingVoxelos, Taken by the Witness
Kholon, Taken by the Witness
Koftiks, Taken by the Witness

After you progress and reach the final step, the bosses will be marked by the Ghost on your map.

Here are the locations of Bosses listed according to the Location and the Table;

For some bosses to spawn, you must complete the Pathfinder objective in the Pale Heart.

You can also collect up to 450 points in the mini-activity to level up in the Overthrow Zone.

The Overthrow bosses are powerful, so you may need a fireteam to eliminate the enemies.

You can also complete the objective solo, but killing the Bosses and other Hives may take loads of time.

Use Motes Of Light To Get The Exotic

After you defeat the boss, it will drop a chest; ensure to unlock it to obtain the Motes of light.

motes of light destiny 2
Obtain The Motes of Light. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once players complete the objectives, they should head to the Speaker’s room in the Old Tower.

khvostov exotic
Unlock the chest to get the exotic. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Players should place the eight Visions of the Traveler to spawn the Chest and then use the Motes of Primordial Light to unlock it.

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