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Remove And Bury Bodies In Manor Lords To Increase Approval Rating

Not everyone deserves to get buried in the holy place.


  • Removing and burying the dead body will increase the Approval percentage sligtly, which should be over 50%.
  • To bury the soldiers or villagers build a Wooden church inside the settlement.
  • Use the Corpse pit to bury the raiders which requires no building cost but be aware of bad smell.

Manor Lords is about building, expanding your region, and increasing the number of villagers.

Without villagers, you can’t increase your empire, so keep them growing and get their approval for almost everything in the town at all costs.

You will get a negative approval rating if you fail to complete a task or influence negatively, like keeping the dead body stranded.

Remove And Bury Dead Bodies In Manor Lords

Battles and Wars are vital aspects of Manor Lords, the Medieval game that was released on 26 April.

During combat, there can be several fatalities, including the death of villagers or soldiers.

You will not only get positive ratings from villagers, such as increasing food variety, building the church, or expanding the market supply.

The villagers will also give you negative ratings if you fail to complete a minor task, such as burying the dead bodies.

manor lords dead bodies
Build a Wooden Church or a Stone Church to remove and bury dead bodies. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The most obvious and easy choice to remove dead bodies and bury them would be church.

Building And Upgrading Church In Manor Lords

If you want to provide your dead villagers a peaceful ending, you can bury them on the Hallowed Ground of the Church.

manor lords church remove dead body
Collect the crafting materials to build the Church inside the settlement. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

To build a Wooden Church and bury the body, you will need to collect some resources;

  • Lumber x 5
  • Planks x 20
  • Stone x 10

After crafting the church, you should also assign a family for prayers and even gravediggers to remove the dead body from your settlement.

You can even upgrade the church level to increase the Approval rating from the villagers by using the following resources;

  • Lumber x 5
  • Planks x 20
  • Stone x 10
  • Rooftiles x 10

Dump The Raiders Body

If enemies or raiders attack you and die, don’t bury the bodies in the graveyard; you simply dump them elsewhere.

For that, you must build a Corpse pit carefully on the edge of the settlement to avoid bad Smell impact and assign a few villagers the job.

Thankfully, the pit requires no additional cost, unlike Church, but it is still helpful to increase the approval percentage.

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