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Egg Swipe Pattern In Brawl Stars To Obtain Legendary Skins

Stop spending tons of gems for high-rarity items.


  • Godzilla City Smash event is one of the recent events in Brawl Stars, which was launched in April and will last till May 20, 2024.
  • Players can use different swiping patterns during this event, which will help them to earn legendary eggs.
  • In this event, players can choose characters like Godzilla and Mechagodzilla.

In Brawl Stars, “Eggs” are the unique items players can collect during certain events or game modes. 

Players can obtain a variety of eggs, including legendary, monster, rare, free egg, and mythical, by taking part in different events and tasks of Brawl Stars.

Legendary eggs are challenging to obtain and hold greater significance within the gameplay of Brawl Stars.

Brawl Stars” Eggs Swipe Pattern To Get Legendary Eggs

The swiping pattern in Brawl Stars is a method of opening eggs, particularly during special events where players can collect eggs.

While Supercell has not officially set a swiping pattern for players in Brawl Stars, players are suggested to experiment with various swiping techniques on their own.

To gain legendary eggs, you can explore the following swiping patterns in the Godzilla City Smash event.

  • Select the monster egg set from the shop.
monsters egg brawl stars swipe pattern
Buy the set of monster eggs to start swiping. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)
  • Start using the swiping method; you will first get the rare egg.
  • Swipe left, down, right, and up to the rare egg. If you are lucky, you will get the super rare one after
  • If you get the super rare egg, you can follow the swiping pattern: Right, Left, Down, and Up.
  • After a super rare egg drop, you will get the epic egg.
super rare egg
Receive super rare egg after rare egg. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)
  • For the epic egg, follow the pattern: left, Right, Down, Up, and Down.
  • If you are lucky, you will get the Mythic egg after following this pattern.
mystic egg
Mystic egg is the last stage to get a legendary egg. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

If you have made it this far, you’re definitely lucky; now follow the last pattern for getting the legendary egg from Mystic Egg: 3 times Left, right continuously.

While there’s no guarantee that this swiping pattern will produce a Legendary Egg in Brawl Stars, giving it a shot to test your luck might be beneficial.

Overall, this swiping method is available during the time of Godzilla City Smash Event only.

Godzilla City Smash Event In “Brawl Stars

The Godzilla City Smash event is an exciting game mode that was introduced in the April 2024 update.

In this event, two teams, each of three members, can participate, where they need to protect their city and destroy the opposing team.

The team that successfully destroys the opposing team within the given time will win.

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However, if both cities are not completely destroyed, the winner will be announced by checking each one’s health percentage.

The city with more health will win and receive the following rewards,

  • Monster Eggs
  • Milestone Rewards
  • Rare Starr Drop
  • Brawler Mutations

The monster eggs you earn can be used for the swiping pattern to get the legendary eggs.

So, grab the Godzilla City Smash Event opportunity in Brawl Stars and win exciting rewards.

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