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Villa Anna Jana Key For “What’s In The Box” Quest In Gray Zone Warfare

Heinous crime from an official.


  • Villa Anna Jana Key is a quest item for “What’s In The Box” quest found from enemy drops.
  • The key can unlock the Midnight Sapphire Villa containing the Officer’s intelligence.
  • Banshee offers M4AI Assault Rifle and M700 Sniper Rifle for completing the quest.

What’s in the box is one of the quests assigned by Banshee, the vendor who has attracted clients for his lucrative work in the past.

Players can engage in Banshee’s quests if they are part of Crimson, Lamang, or Mithras Faction.

Completing any of the Vendor quests, including Deal of the Century, Deep Depravity, or Noble Powder, will grant numerous rewards.

What’s In The Box” In Gray Zone Warfare To Gather Military Officer’s Intel

Banshee Vendor assigns the quest as he suspects something shady is going around Midnight Sapphire Resort.

The Vendor believes a Military Officer is part of an illegal Arms deal, so he wants more proof.

The Military officer has not been caught by officials yet and has been involved in many criminal activities, so your job is to collect enough evidence and hand it to Banshee.

Obtain A Key

You will need a Villa Anna Jana Key to get the Military Officer’s Intelligence from the Sapphire Resort villa.

The Key is usually found around the main area of Midnight Sapphire via enemy drops.

villa anna jana key gray zone warfare
Villa Anna Jana Key is obtainable through enemy loot. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

The quest item is quite rare compared to the Ban Pa Key in Lamang Connection, and it may take hours to find one.

If you have collected numerous loots of the enemy during your previous fight in Midnight Sapphire, it can luckily be in your inventory, so ensure to check your carrier slot first.

Get The Intel

As per Banshee, you will get the Intel in one of the Villas in Midnight Sapphire, so ensure to land in Hotel 1 and make your way to Whitewater Villas.

You should search for the last Villa in the Southwest around map coordinates (172 165).

Midnight Sapphire gray zone warfare
Reach the neon green icon on the map. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

After following the coordinates, you will reach an orange-top Villa with a large open gate consisting of multiple enemies.

What's in the box gray zone warfare
Reach the White and Orange Villa in Midnight Sapphire. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

Once you enter the Premises, you should search for a separate hall on the Southern side, just at the back of the Villa near the Swimming pool area.

You should unlock the door using the Villa Anna Jana Key and collect the intel from the first-right table.

intel what's in the box
Collect the Intel from the Computer Table. (Source: Screen Plays Mag)

You can Return back to Banshee and hand over the intel to collect the following rewards;

  • M700
  • M4A1
  • 2000 Experience
  • 200 Banshee Reputation

The gun rewards often repeat in multiple quests; for instance, players can get the M700 Sniper in the Out of the Blue quest and M4AI in the Up To Snuff quest.

You can trade the weapons with Vendors, including Gunny, Artisan, Turncoat, or Banshee, for weapon attachments or upgrades.

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